Saturday 12 June 2021

Now farmers in this state will be able to sell gram and mustard till June 29

mustard priceProcurement of Rabi crops is going on at the minimum support price in many states of the country. Wheat, gram, mustard etc. are being procured from the farmers by the government at the government rate, but this time

the farmers are getting high prices of gram and mustard in the market, due to which farmers are able to sell their gram and mustard crops at government centers. They are not showing interest, due to which the procurement of gram and mustard is decreasing this time. 

In such a situation, there are many farmers who have registered to sell their gram and mustard crops on support price but are not reaching the procurement centers to sell them. In view of this, the Rajasthan government has extended the last date for purchase and registration of gram and mustard to farmers on support price to June 29. Now farmers can sell their gram and mustard crops at government procurement centers till June 29. Central Government declares minimum support price for 23 crops per year. The price declared by the central government is the same for all the states of the country. According to this, the minimum support price of gram has been fixed at Rs 5100/quintal and that of mustard at Rs 4650/quintal this year.

Farmers can get the crop registered by visiting the E-Mitra center under their tehsil. Only one registration will be valid on one Jan Aadhar card. Only one registration can be registered on one mobile number i.e. different mobile numbers will be registered in each registration, in which the farmer will be able to register the registration of mustard-gram. All E-Mitra will be able to register by selecting the purchase center coming in the working area of ​​the same tehsil in the area where the farmer has agricultural land, if the registration is done by filling the wrong tehsil by the farmer / E-Mitra, then purchasing commodities from such farmers. will not be possible. Therefore, at the time of farmer registration, keeping the above things in mind, register carefully.

Documents required for registration

Farmers willing to sell gram and mustard at minimum support price will need the following documents while registering, which are as follows-

  • P-35 Crop Girdawari
  • Jan Aadhaar Card
  • bank account pass book
  • aadhar card copy

What to do if farmers are not able to sell the produce on the given date?

State Cooperative Minister Shri Anjana said that such farmers, who were allotted dates for selling gram, but have not been able to sell their gram, then on receipt of applications of such farmers, they should also be given the opportunity to weigh gram again. Used to be. Such farmers whose date of weighing gram has passed, they can submit their application for weighing gram at the respective purchasing center. From those farmers, gram will be purchased by Rajfed as per rules.

How much is the target of purchase of mustard and gram in Rajasthan in 2021 at MSP

On behalf of the Rajasthan government, 651 mustard and 651 gram, which started on the minimum support price from April 1, will now be purchased till June 29. This time the cooperative department has set a target of purchasing 6 lakh 14 thousand 900 metric tonnes of Nechana and 12 lakh 22 thousand 775 metric tonnes of mustard, which has not been completed yet.

How many farmers have registered so far

A total of 80,732 farmers had registered for selling gram in Rajasthan. Out of these, 80,719 farmers have been allotted dates for selling gram. Out of this, only 2,639 farmers have sold gram at the minimum support price. If any farmer of the state has not registered yet, then those farmers can still get registered and sell their produce. At the same time, the purchase of mustard has also come down.

Reason behind farmers not selling mustard at MSP?

This year the support price of mustard by the Government of India is Rs 4650. per quintal has been declared. Whereas in various mandis, mustard above the support price rate is about Rs. selling per quintal. Farmers are getting more remunerative price of mustard as the market price of mustard is higher than the support price rate in the state. Due to this the farmer is not ready to sell his mustard at the government rate.

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