Friday 18 June 2021

Farmers can sell Mung and Urad at MSP registration here


In Madhya Pradesh this year, summer moong crop has been sown in 4.77 lakh hectares, due to which 6.56 lakh metric tonnes of moong is likely to be produced, but farmers are worried about its falling price in the market. In view of this, in order to encourage the moong planted by farmers in Zayed, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to buy Zayed moong at support price. The government has started the system of registration of farmers from June 8 to start the purchase of moong and urad from June 15.

From when till when will moong and urad be purchased at MSP

The purchase of summer moong and urad is being started in the state from June 15, 2021, this purchase will last for 90 days. State's Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister Shri Kamal Patel informed that summer moong is grown in 4 lakh 77 thousand hectares in 25 districts of the state. 6 lakh 56 thousand metric tonnes of moong production is possible this year. In this, there is a possibility of production of moong worth Rs. 3 thousand 500 crore in 3 lakh 33 thousand hectare area in Harda and Hoshangabad districts.

Where to register to sell moong and urad at support price

Registration is going on from June 8 to sell farmers summer moong and urad at minimum support price. Farmers can register through society or through e-procurement portal. Apart from this, farmers can get their produce registered by visiting MP Kisan app, e-procurement mobile registration, common service center, public service center and e-procurement centers or registration center established at committee level.

Documents required for registration

Farmers will have to compulsorily provide the information of Aadhar number, bank account number, mobile number for registration at the committee level. Farmers will have to give correct information about the name of the farmer, Samagra ID number, loan book, Aadhar number, bank account number, IFSC code of the bank, mobile number while getting the registration done.

At what price will moong and urad be purchased

In Madhya Pradesh, the government procurement of moong and urad will be done at the minimum support price announced by the central government for the year 2020-21. The minimum support price of moong is Rs 7196 per quintal and the minimum support price of urad is Rs 6000 per quintal.

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  1. What will be the price of moong dal green whole, in wholesale and retail market for local produce


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