Saturday 28 August 2021

Throwing tomatoes on the roads for not getting fair price


The bumper crop of tomatoes has become a problem for the farmers in Maharashtra this year. It is not getting fair price in the market, angry farmers are throwing tomatoes on the roads due to not being able to cover the cost. Tomato farmers grown by their hard work are forced to throw them on the streets.
If the crop is bumper, then the prices have fallen. Tomatoes are being priced at Rs 2 to 4 per kg in the market. Dhananjay Rahane, who lives in Pimplegaon, Nashik, planted tomatoes in his 2-acre farm. Spent a total of Rs 5 lakh. Due to the current price of 4 rupees per kg of tomatoes, they are getting only 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees.

Farmers said I would like to tell that this year there is a lot of damage in tomatoes. Expenses have increased. The cost of medicine has increased and according to the way the expenditure has increased, its prices are not being found. The extent to which the prices of tomatoes have fallen, can be gauged from the fact that last year, tomatoes being sold at Rs 2037 per kg in the state are selling at Rs 750 per kg this year. The cost of 25 kg crate is getting 70 to 100 rupees whereas their cost is only 300 rupees. Whereas the tomato which they have to sell for Rs 3 is being sold in the market for Rs 25 a kg.

Farmer Kiran Shankhpal says that only Rs 50 per 20 kg is spent for extracting tomatoes and it is giving only Rs 50 per crate, in such a situation the farmer can commit suicide. Maharashtra government and central government should think something. Farmers are now warning of agitation.

According to farmer leader Ajit Navale, "Today the Maharashtra government and opposition are busy throwing mud at each other instead of paying attention to the farmers. We warn that if they do not stop all this and work on the problems of the farmers, So the farmers will agitate against both of them." Meanwhile, the government says that efforts will be made to provide relief to the farmers soon.

Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse says that efforts are being made from our side to give some relief in the next one week on the problems being faced by the farmers. Farmers also do not like to waste their produce like this.. But when the state government thinks about their political rivals more than the farmers, the farmers have to do all this to express their displeasure.

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