Monday 30 August 2021

Preparation of investment of 2472 crores in Khargone (MP)

agriculture investment

Under the chairmanship of Collector Mrs. Anugrah P, a very important meeting was held in the collectorate's hall on Friday. After which crores of rupees will be invested in the district, it will also provide employment to the local youth of the district. Apart from this, the economic condition of the farmers will also definitely improve. 

A joint meeting of one district one product and district level small scale industries promotion committee and destiny promotion committee was held. In the meeting, District Industries Manager Shri SS Mandloi informed that 10 hectare land has been selected in Tamla for food processing including chilli, onion and gram flour. Interested entrepreneurs who set up food processing units here have also been selected. Which will set up food processing units based on state-of-the-art technology. 50 crores will be invested here by them. 

Agriculture Deputy Director Shri ML Chauhan, Horticulture Deputy Director Shri M Mujalde, Agriculture Scientist Shri SK Tyagi, NABARD's Shri Vijendra Patil, FPO Manager Shri Kishore Mali were present in the meeting.

800 crores will be invested in the cotton industry

Shri Mandloi informed that at present 100 genes and 8 spinning have been found in the district. In which 3 frabic industries are in the district. At the same time, Rs 800 crore is going to be invested by 2 industries to make cotton based products. This industry will be a new unit expansion. In this, 5000 youths can get employment. At the same time 53 new industries will be established. Which will make new capital investment of 2422 crores. It will provide employment to 10,000 youths. Apart from this, 15 chilli processing units are established in the district. Right now 1 is about to start in Temla and 7 in Nimrani.

FPO ready for chilli in the district

In the meeting, Deputy Director Horticulture Mr. M. Mujalde informed that an FPO has been formed in Surpala for chillies in the name of Nimadilal. Its license has also been made. 27 FIGs in which 540 members have joined this FPO. Similarly, an FPO has been created for cotton also. It has 18 IGs and 360 members. Which will systematically start work in the next season. Apart from this 4 applicants applied for setting up chilli based unit. 

These four applications will set up industries costing Rs 35 lakh. 10 lakh grant will also be given by the department. The collectors have instructed the bankers present in the meeting to approve the case before September 13.

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