Saturday 21 August 2021

600 crop consultants to help over 10 lakh farmers

600 crop consultants to help over 10 lakh farmers

Agrochemicals maker Insecticide India Limited (IIL) has appointed over 600 crop consultants to help over 10 lakh farmers. The company informed that these crop advisors will help the farmers to understand the correct and judicious use of agro-chemicals. This will help in keeping the environment safe along with agriculture.

The company said in a statement that under the awareness program that started from May this year, this initiative will run till April 2022. Crop advisor will help around 10 lakh 

farmers in crop  management and protection from seed treatment to pest, weed and disease management.

Commenting on the solution, Rajesh Agarwal, Managing Director, IIL, said that integrated pest management is an integral part of agricultural practices in tropical regions as they are one of the most pest affected areas in the world, but produce most of the world's food grains. The main mission of IIL according to them is to help farmers use of agrochemicals and good farming. Our crop consultants are working in the field to provide correct information for better farming practices.

Generally, IIL appoints 2-3 field consultants in a year. However, during the harvest season there has been an increase in the number of consultants working in the field across India.

overwhelming response from the market
Another company official said that before the pandemic, experts could travel to reach farmers and provide advice if needed. However with the lockdown due to the pandemic, we used telecalling and WhatsApp to take the idea of  crop advisors to the farmers both physically and digitally.

He said that the farmers were prepared to prevent them from making such mistakes, which could be harmful to them and the health of the crop. Our crop advisors created awareness and directed the farmers to produce better with minimum loss. We are also getting tremendous response from the market.

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