Friday 27 August 2021

Punjab government also increased the rate of sugarcane

sugarcane rate

After Haryana, Punjab has increased its sugarcane rate. Considering the demand of the farmers as reasonable, the Punjab government has increased the rate of sugarcane by Rs 35 per quintal. With this increase, now the rate of sugarcane in Punjab has gone up to Rs 360 per quintal. This rate is Rs 2 more than the rate fixed by the Haryana State Government. Let us inform that the Haryana Government has fixed the rate of sugarcane at Rs 358 per quintal. According to the news published in the media, on Tuesday, Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted that I am happy to inform that after talks with the farmers, SAP (State Supported Advisory Price) of Rs 360 per quintal has been approved. The Chief Minister of Punjab also assured to get the dues of the farmers on sugar mills soon.

The farmers who are agitating to increase the rate of sugarcane in Punjab have got great success. The Punjab government has increased the rate of sugarcane to Rs 360 per quintal. Farmers were agitating in Punjab in the past to increase the rate of sugarcane. After the announcement of the new rate, the farmers withdrew their protest against sugarcane. It should be noted that the rate of sugarcane was not increased in Punjab for the last five years. After which they were demanding to increase the price of sugarcane for the last several years. For this, farmer leaders started demonstrations on Jalandhar National Highway 1 and railway route in Punjab.

Sugarcane rate still low : Farmers 

The farmers said that the rate of sugarcane should be raised to at least Rs 400 per quintal in proportion to the increase in the rate of diesel and other things. Farmer leaders say that what we wanted was not the rate, but still it is fine. Some diesel, some labor cost will come out. In the future, the farmers will keep their point. In Punjab, farmers used to get Rs 310 per quintal for early varieties, Rs 300 for medium varieties and Rs 295 per quintal for late varieties. On August 19, in an important meeting chaired by the Chief Minister, it was announced to increase the SAP of Rs 15 per quintal, i.e. 325 for early, 315 for medium and Rs 310 per quintal of late variety, which was rejected by the farmers. Had given. After all, the Punjab government accepted that the demand of the farmers is right, the rate of sugarcane should be increased.

Record sugarcane procurement in  2020-21 sugar season

According to the latest data of the Central Government, during the current sugar season 2020-21 in the country, a record Rs 90,872 crore was procured, out of which Rs 81,963 crore has been paid to the farmers. According to the data of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, as on August 16, only 8,908 crores are left against cane of Rs 90872 crores in the current season, while in the last sugar season 2019-20, out of cane dues of about Rs 75,845 crores. Rs 75,703 crores paid where only Rs 142 crore is outstanding. According to the central government, due to export of surplus sugar and making ethanol from excess sugar and sugarcane, the liquidity with sugar mills has increased and the process of payment of sugarcane farmers has been expedited.

Sugarcane farmers will get benefit of input subsidy in Bihar

In the interest of sugarcane farmers, an important decision was also taken by the Bihar government last month. Under this, the Bihar government will now give the benefit of agricultural input grant to sugarcane farmers as well. This will compensate for the loss of sugarcane farmers. According to the information received from the media, the damage caused to sugarcane crop due to natural calamities like flood, storm hailstorm will be assessed by the Agriculture Department. After this, the government will compensate the loss of sugarcane farmers. 

Let us tell you that the cultivation of sugarcane in Bihar has been controlled by the Sugarcane Industries Department. Therefore, the Agriculture Department has been assessing the damage caused to the crops due to floods, but the damage caused to the sugarcane crop could not be assessed. But after the decision taken by the government, now along with other crops, the damage to sugarcane crop can also be assessed. With this decision of the government, sugarcane growing farmers will be able to get benefits on agricultural input grant as per rules. With this, lakhs of farmers cultivating sugarcane in about three lakh hectares of the state are expected to get a big relief.

Sugarcane rates increased by only Rs 10 in four years in UP

In UP, the rate of sugarcane has been increased by only Rs 10 in four years. Sugarcane farmer Prashant Tyagi, a resident of Dhanayan village in Muzaffarnagar, says that in three years, sugarcane cultivation has become costlier by about 35 percent.  The prices have not increased. After the new government came to power in UP, its price was increased by only Rs 10 per quintal in 2017-18 to Rs 325. But after that the price was not increased. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult for the farmers here to cultivate sugarcane. Farmers say that the price of petrol and diesel is increasing, the prices of fertilizers and pesticides are increasing.

Despite this, the sugarcane rate is going on there. Keeping in view the inflation, the government should increase the rate of sugarcane so that the farmers of the state can get relief. This announcement of increasing the sugarcane rate of the Punjab government has increased the pressure on the Uttar Pradesh government. Here, the farmer leaders of the state are demanding to increase the rate of sugarcane. However, at present, no talk has been made by the UP government regarding increasing the rate of sugarcane. But it is expected that in the midst of increasing political heat, the Yogi government can take a decision to increase the sugarcane rate.

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