Monday 2 August 2021

New livestock scheme

cattle scheme

Along with agriculture in Haryana, emphasis is also being laid on animal husbandry in villages. Most of the farmer families here have milch animals. In such a situation, in order to increase their income, the state government has called upon the animal husbandry farmers to set up a biogas plant, as it has many benefits. For setting up this plant, the government has announced a subsidy of 40 percent of the cost. With this farmers can also generate electricity.

A Haryana government official has claimed that there are about 7.60 lakh pet livestock in the state. Using their dung, 3.8 lakh cubic meters of biogas can be generated. Three hundred megawatts of electricity can be produced daily from this biogas. Dairies and Gaushalas can not only increase their income by setting up bio-gas plants, producing manure, electricity and cooking gas, but they can also benefit the surrounding villages.

Help on plants up to 85 cubic meters capacity

The government has said that dairies and cowsheds can take advantage of 40 percent subsidy by setting up biogas plants up to 25, 35, 45 and 85 cubic meters capacity. Applications can be submitted to the project officer for setting up this plant. Haryana New and Renewable Energy Department i.e. HAREDA located at Panchkula is operating this scheme. From there the grant is approved.

How many animals are needed for what capacity

A government spokesperson said that 70 to 80 cattle dung is required for a 25 cubic meter capacity biogas plant, 100 to 110 for 35 cubic meter plant and 125 to 140 animal dung for 45 cubic meter. Similarly, for 60 cubic meters, 175 to 180 cattle dung is required to set up a plant of 85 cubic meters capacity, while 250 to 270 cattle dung is required.

Know the advantages of biogas plant

There are many benefits of a biogas plant. By planting this plant, we can prevent environmental pollution. It provides natural manure, which works to make agriculture fertile. In addition, the biogas plant produces smokeless gas, which, like LPG, is used for cooking.

By making electricity from the plant, it can be supplied to the surrounding area. Due to this, the dependence of the beneficiary households on the supply of electricity distribution corporation is reduced to a minimum and there is no power cut. This electricity costs very little. In this way, by recycling cow dung, we can use better alternatives of energy. Therefore, dairies and gaushalas should seriously consider for setting up such projects.

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