Wednesday 25 August 2021

Mustard price rises- it is good or bad


The farmer brothers, who were mesmerized by the fragrance of mustard till yesterday, are getting worried today after smelling the fragrance of this mustard. They are getting worried, knowing its recent price. They are getting worried about the economic loss caused by mustard. Furthermore, they are getting worried about their upcoming future.

At the same time, if the eyes of the worried farmer brothers are fixed on anyone, then it is the government. However, this issue is also clear like a mirror that if the government does not take any steps in time, then the farmer brothers may have to face difficulties in the coming days. Well, here are some unanswered questions based on deliberations, but let us go ahead in this article to tell you about the price of fresh mustard, knowing which our farmer brothers are getting helpless.

Mustard fresh price

At the same time, if we talk about the price of fresh mustard, then after reducing the import duty in the foreign market, their prices are continuously increasing. While the Chicago Exchange gained 3 percent on one hand, the Malaysia Exchange has gained 1.3 percent.

Despite the reduction in import duty in the country, their prices continue to rise and for how long it will continue. For now, only time will tell. Let us further know about the price of fresh mustard seeds in Indian markets in this article.

Mustard price in Indian market

If we talk about the price of mustard in Indian markets, then the price of mustard has increased from Rs 8500 to Rs 86,00 per quintal in Saloni, Agra and Kota. The way the price of mustard continues to rise, the plight of the farmer brothers has been bent on reaching its peak. Come, now let us know about its production in this article, what is the status of its production at present?

Mustard production

Market experts say that if some things are taken care of, then the production of mustard can be doubled. Cooperative institutions Hafed and Nafed say that to help small farmers, they should stock mustard seeds from now on, so that they do not lack it in the middle, so that they can earn proper profits by doing all the activities on time.

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