Wednesday 18 August 2021

More than 40 villages paddy crop affected


More than 40 villages paddy crop affected

The floods in the area have destroyed the ration, household along with the demolition of houses, while the agriculture of 46 villages of Dabra Bhitarwar area has also been affected. Now it is difficult to get this season's Kharif crops in these villages. In fact, the fertile soil of many villages has been washed away by floods, erosion has come. According to the Agriculture Department, it may take about 6 months for the fertile soil to be regenerated. In such a situation, no Kharif crop will be possible. Due to which the farmers of these villages have got a double whammy.

 The Agriculture Department has sent the report of the damage assessment of about 877 hectares affected in Dabra, Bhitarwar and Ghatigaon to the Deputy Director, San Kalyan and Agriculture Development. In which it has been revealed that 46 villages in the three blocks have been affected by excessive rains and floods. Kharif crop has been damaged in a total of 877 hectares.

Most of the Bhitarwar area includes 23 villages. Where the calculation of damage in more hectare has been given. There a report of damage assessment has been sent in 619 hectares. However, till now no survey has been done regarding compensation.

Due to which the farmer is upset, in fact his kharif cultivation of this season has been ruined. The Agriculture Department said that the fertile soil of many farmers has also been washed away, erosion has come. Farmers have been hit double by cost overruns and flood damages.

no compensation even after 5 days
Including 18 villages of Dabra and 5 villages of Ghatigaon. A survey report has been sent to assess the damage in 215 hectares in Dabra, and 43 hectares in Ghatigaon. 5 days have passed since the report was sent, but no action plan has been made yet for relief to the farmers. Nor has any financial help reached. Farmers Amritpal Singh, Navdeep and Ramjit told that the soil from their field has also been washed away in the strong flow of water, erosion has happened. Due to which his paddy crop has been washed away. They cannot harvest again. There has been an economic loss.

These villages are affected:
According to the information about the damage assessment sent by the Agriculture Department, in Dabra block, Barua Bhainsnari, Bijakpur, Ajitpura, Ladaipura, Belgarha, Chandpur, Magraura, Lidhaura, Maharajpur, Semri, Gajapur, Kaithoda, Babupur, Virrat, Sileta, Barkari, Silli, Ghatigaon includes big village Mohana, Umaidgarh, Aaron, Karai village. Lohri, Pawaya, Basai, Kaithoda, Ghat, Kheria, Adampur, Nazarpur, Palaicha, Lodhi, Saharan, Kheda, Bhitarwa, Sansan, Basaundi, Jakhwar, Gadhota, Silha, Rakshagharan, Gadajar, Ikhara, Manpur, Baraua, Baniyator in Bhitarwar Includes fishery, village.

According to the assessment of the damage in the reports sent to Dabra, Bhitarwar and Ghatigaon, about 46 villages are affected by the floods. A total loss assessment report of 877 hectares has been sent. Due to the flow of fertile soil from many fields, those fields have turned into pits. It can take time to prepare them again. The Kharif crop has been ruined for those farmers, they will not be able to do Kharif crop this season.

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