Thursday 5 August 2021

Bihar Beej Anudan Avedan 2021-2022

The sowing of Kharif crop in the country is almost done or some is left. Farmers are out of worry about its cultivation. Farmer brothers are now thinking of sowing the upcoming season Rabi crop as sowing of Rabi crops will start from last week of September and first week of October.

Therefore, farmers are advised to arrange quality seeds from now on so that they can get good income.

In order to ensure that the farmers can get the seeds of improved varieties on time, the Bihar government is providing the seeds of Rabi crops on subsidy to the farmers of the state. The government will make available the seeds of rabi crops made from certified and hybrid varieties at their homes before sowing. Also, govt sought some application from farmers and  Farmers can apply for seeds as per their requirement.

Official notification for seed grant application

Bihar Beej Anudan Avedan 2021-2022 The date of grant of seeds for Rabi crop has been issued by the Government of Bihar. The official notification has been issued by the Bihar government to apply online for the Rabi crop of seed grant.

Date of applying for Pulses and Oilseeds :- 01/08/2021 to 20/08/2021

Application date for wheat and maize :- 21/08/2021 to 20/09/2021

Official website for seed grant application:

So much subsidy will be given to these seeds

Separate subsidies will be given on certified and base seeds of wheat, gram, peas, lentils, sarson, sarson and tishi. A subsidy of 50 percent will be given on seeds of less than 10 years duration and Rs 15 on seeds of more than 10 years duration. There may be difference in the certified seed and base seed cost. The cost of certified wheat seed is Rs 38 per kg and that of base wheat seed is Rs 40 per kg.

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