Tuesday 6 April 2021

Wheat procurement system failed in Haryana this time?

Within just four days of the start of Haryana wheat procurement, the system's flaws are beginning to be revealed. The biggest problem for farmers is the purchase message. If no one is getting the message, then somewhere is reaching those farmers, whose crop is not ripe yet. However, on finding the drawback, the government has spoken of procuring without schedule.

There are also complaints of not reaching Bardana in many mandis of the state. In view of such flaws, the claim of lifting in the mandis in 48 hours has been questioned.

In Bhiwani, Yamunanagar, Kaithal, Karnal and Ambala, farmers are facing problems due to lack of messages. Messages have been sent to such farmers in Panipat and Jhajjar whose crop is not yet ripe. In such a situation, farmers are in a dilemma as to how and when the sale of wheat will take place.

The state government has now assured to make a schedule according to the farmers. Now farmers will have to enter my crop on the portal again. Haryana Adhati Association officials say that there is a problem of gunny in the mandis. There have been complaints of gunny bags in Bhiwani, Fatehabad and Ambala. In other districts too, farmers are facing many problems including gate passes, moisture checks. These problems should be resolved soon.

Good Mustard prices out of mandis

Farmers are not selling their mustard crop to private agencies outside the market, avoiding all the government messes including gate passes, messages. On an average, 400 farmers are arriving in Bhiwani every day with mustard crops, selling their crops outside due to higher prices. Wheat has not started coming to Fatehabad. 10 thousand quintal mustard has arrived. The government has MSP of Rs 4650 per quintal on mustard, getting more than 5 thousand prices.

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