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Bihar crop procurement and procedure 2021?

wheat/gram and lentil procurement in bihar

The procurement of rabi crop has started in almost all the states of North India, but there are some states where the procurement of rabi crops has not started yet. The reason for this is that wheat harvesting is going on. Out of this comes the state of Bihar where wheat has been harvested since this month. In view of this, the state government has increased the date of purchase of lentils, gram and wheat from April 15 to

April 20. The state government will purchase gram, lentils and wheat at the minimum support price announced by the Center. For this, PACS has built 6400 procurement centers in the state. 

When does the purchase start?

Wheat harvesting is still going on in Bihar. Due to this, wheat procurement is started late in Bihar as compared to other states. Earlier, government procurement of lentils, gram and wheat was to be done from April 15, but it has been increased from April 20. This purchase will be done by 15 July 2021.

A farmer can sell a maximum of 150 quintal of wheat

The maximum limit per farmer has been fixed for selling wheat in the state, according to which the farmer who has his own land can sell a maximum of 150 quintals of wheat, whereas the farmer who does not have his own land can take land on lease or lease. A maximum limit of 50 quintals has been set for those who are doing farming.

1 lakh MT of wheat and 3.25 lakh MT of lentils will be purchased

The procurement agencies have set a target of procuring lentils and wheat in the state. The government has set a target of procuring 3.25 lakh metric tons of MSP at the minimum support price by the government agencies, and the government procurement of gram is targeted at 2 lakh metric tons. The procurement of 1 lakh metric tonnes for wheat has been estimated to be made at the minimum support price, but if the wheat farmers continue to come in, then the purchase target will be increased.

PACS to be purchased at 6400 centers

In Bihar, PACS has set up 6400 procurement centers for government procurement of lentils, gram and wheat at minimum support price. Procurement will be started at all these centers from April 20.

What is the minimum support price of gram, lentils and wheat?

The Central Government together with Kharif, Rabi and Cash crops determines the minimum support price of 23 crops. These prices are generally applicable in all the states of the country. For this financial year, minimum support price has also been fixed for gram, lentil and wheat.

  • Wheat - 1975 per quintal
  • Gram - Rs 5100 per quintal
  • Lentils - Rs 5100 per quintal

Payment to farmers will be made within 48 hours

The farmers from whom wheat, gram and lentils will be purchased will be paid through DBT within 48 hours in the bank accounts of all those farmers. No middleman and merchant will be included in the purchase. Farmers can sell only in their Panchayat agencies.

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