Sunday 18 April 2021

Key Points for Chilli Nursery Preparation


It is very important to prepare Nursery before sowing the crop in the field. We should do step by step first clear the selected area for nursery and plow the field with plow 2 times. For the sowing of chilli seeds, make 3 meter length and 1.25 meter width beds raised 8-10 cm high from the ground, so that the seeds and plants do not rot due to water accumulation. About 16 to 18 beds for an acre is sufficient for a nursery. 

In these beds, mix 150 kg of good rotten/decomposed cow dung with one kg of DAP and 250 grams of Combat (Trichoderma viride) per square meter evenly in the land, so that it improves soil structure, overall development of chillies, in the plant. Along with total nutritional enhancement, it can be prevented from fungal diseases. If soil borne pests such as termites have problems, use carbofuran at the rate of 15 grams per bed.

Now in these beds, make 0.5-1 cm deep drains at a distance of 5 cm and sow the seeds. For an acre, 60-80 grams of chili seeds are required in the nursery. After sowing, irrigate the nursery as per the requirement.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Many major insect pests and soil-borne diseases are found in the soil, which damages the crops in various ways. Primarily termites, white gidar (white grub), cutworm, nectar, etc. can be destroyed by soil treatment.
  • Soil-borne factors of fungal / bacterial diseases are also found in the soil, which infect various stages of the plant under favorable conditions and cause loss in crop production.
  • Soil treatment provides complete development of chilli plants, complete nutritional growth and quality production.

Key Point before Preparing Seed Bed/Nursery

  • The land should be fertile, loam, weed free and well drained with organic material.
  • The nursery is sunny for a long time and has irrigation facilities.
  • The chosen area should be high so that the water does not stay and the plants are not damaged due to pests and diseases.

Along with improving the structure of soil, the attack of insect pests and diseases also reduces. After the attack of pests and diseases, agricultural chemicals are used more by treatment, due to which the cost of production increases due to higher expenditure.

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