Sunday 11 April 2021

Fertilizer prices will increase the burden of farmers?

nutrient prices 2021

There are chemicals used to increase production in agriculture that are used to aid the growth of plants. These chemicals, which dissolve quickly in water, are used by spraying them in soil or on leaves. Plants absorb fertilizers from the soil by roots and leaves when sprayed overhead.

At the same time, the increase in fertilizer prices is likely to break the backbone of farmers, who are already working again under the high price of diesel. The cost incurred in the upcoming kharif season can be doubled.

Presently fertilizer prices are set to sharply increase farm costs, with a huge increase in fertilizer prices due to a spike in international raw material prices. The country's largest fertilizer seller - Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) has raised prices of non-urea fertilizers by 58%. The 50 kg bag of the most popular nutrient DAP will now be Rs 1900 per bag at Rs 1200 per bag. Similarly, NPK will cost Rs 1500–1800 per bag - an increase of about 50% from the earlier price tag. Also, other companies have announced an increase in fertilizer prices. 

However, IFFCO clarified that the company would not immediately sell fertilizer at inflated prices. “We will sell 11.26 lakh tonnes of complex fertilizer which will be sold only at the old rates. Newly priced content is not for sale to anyone. Sufficient material exists in the market with old rates and I have instructed the IFFCO marketing team to sell only pre-packaged material to the farmer with the old rates." Awasthi tweeted that the prices of complex fertilizers mentioned by IFFCO are only temporary. By tweet he said the international prices by the companies for raw materials not set and rapidly increasing.

“The minimum support price (MSP) is not consistent with the high cost. Any further increase in cost will severely affect the economics of agriculture. In the present case, the Kharif crops including rice, millet and pulses should be increased sufficiently to support MSP farmers."

IFFCO DAP / NPK maximum retail prices (MRP) are included in GST. From 1 April 2021, it is as follows:

Product Price / Bag (50 Kg)

DAP 1900

NPK 10:26:26 1775

NPK 12:32:16 1800

Npk 20: 20: 0: 13 1350

NPK 15:15:15 1500

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