Thursday 22 April 2021

How residue burning affect soil and crop?

The environment is being harmed by farmers burning wheat residues. A little carelessness is desiccating the womb of the earth. Farmers are burning the residue of the crop. Due to which the fertile power of the land is being eroded. Arable land is on the verge of being barren.

At the same time, due to increasing shortage of animal feed, the environment is also being contaminated due to the burning of crop residues on fire. These days, after the harvesting and embroidery of wheat by the Combine Machines, the remaining residue is burnt by the farmers. These burning will affect farmers land, and it will create problem for farmers, and we can see result in year by year in crop loss and harm land. 

What is the effect on burning crop residues?

  • Burning of residue leads to loss of 100 percent nitrogen, 25 percent phosphorus, 20 percent potash and about 60 percent sulfur.
  • The available biodiversity in the land is exhausted. It also affects the chemical activity in the soil, such as the carbon-nitrogen and carbon phosphorus ratio deteriorates, causing plants to take nutrients.
  • Farmers are becoming dependent on chemical fertilizer, which is increasing the cost of farming.
  • Due to damage in the structure of the land, drainage is not possible due to lack of nutrients available to the plants.
  • There is a loss of organic matter present in the ground. The friendly insect earthworms living on the top surface of the ground are also destroyed.
  • Land is also deprived of nutrients from the crop residues.
  • People's health is adversely affected. There has been an increase in patients suffering from diseases like skin diseases and cancer.
  • Due to the spread of crop residues, there is loss of public wealth and trees and plants are destroyed by burning.
  • Reduction in water holding capacity due to hardening of the soil surface.
It is a serious matter for farmers we are damaging our soil for fulfill the soil requirement we apply more nutrient, and it will increase input cost.   Thanks for visiting us. 

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