Tuesday 13 April 2021

Can we improve production and save water by this?

agriculture and water

Many times when I see the pace of the country and the world, I wonder if agricultural production is sufficient for such a population? A person gets drinking water for 20 rupees, where will he get water for agriculture in future? Some such questions come to my mind. I don't know what you think about this.

There is rapid progress in the field of agriculture around the world. Given the way the population is growing, it is also necessary to develop new methods in agriculture and adopt the technologies that are already there to meet the growing needs. Talking about India, it is a biodiversity-rich country. Where there are innumerable possibilities in the field of agriculture and horticulture.

But sadly, despite this, our country lacks the latest technical skills. This is the reason that the production of grains, vegetables and fruits per hectare is less than that of other countries. It is estimated that India's population will be close to 150 crores by 2025. In such a situation, meeting his food needs will be a big challenge in itself. Techniques such as aeroponics can help in this area.


In such a situation, it is necessary to innovate in the agricultural sector. Farmers should use scientific data and latest technology to improve yields. Aeroponics is an example of one such modern technology, which can be used to improve agriculture. This is the system in which plants can grow in the air even without soil.

le="text-align: justify;">Aeroponics system is suitable for the cultivation of vegetables whose roots can adopt the best conditions such as oxygen and moisture. They can be grown under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. With the help of this technique, farmers can get nutrient rich crops. Also, it also saves water and nutrients.

This technique limits water wastage. Also, every drop of nutritious water is used in it. In this, the yield can be up to six times higher than traditional techniques. Also, it requires less labor. The decisions are rich in nutrients. Those can also be exported.

The biggest problem in this system is that it requires electricity to sprinkle nutrients on the roots. Also, its initial setup costs much more than traditional farming. Also, some technical knowledge is also required to operate it. But this is a one-time investment that benefits in the long run.

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