Wednesday 14 April 2021

Farmers waiting in Mandis for Wheat procurement?

The Punjab government has started procuring wheat on paper, but the ground reality is different in the mandis of Ludhiana. Government procurement in the state started from 10 April. Since April 11, farmers have reached the grain markets with crops. Surprisingly, in these two days, many places have not even been able to bid for the crop.

The market is awaiting the inauguration of the minister, only after which the procurement will begin. Apart from this, most of the mandis have neither drinking water facilities nor toilets. Not only this, farmers are forced to stay awake overnight to save grains from unclaimed animals.

As of Monday, only 10 trolley wheat has arrived in the grain market located in Jalandhar bypass of Ludhiana, but it has not been procured. Farmers are getting harassed in the mandis without any facilities. They are also silent on this problem. When there is no grain quote, they are saying that there is moisture in the wheat, so the bid is not being made. However, the real issue is something else. The leaders have to raise vote banks on the pretext of buying wheat. The ruling first inaugurates the purchase, only then the bid is launched.

Also, some farmers said direct payments can spoil the home environment of many farmers because the land is in the father's name. If the sons live separately from the father, then the payment of the sons' crop will also go to the father's account. In order to avoid this, the government should pay the crop to the adhatiyas instead of paying directly to the farmers' account. This is to say of the farmers who came to the market. At the same time, the artisans say that the farmers get the money provided to the farmers whenever they need it.

The farmer says that direct payment to the account will create a fighting atmosphere in the farmers' homes. There are many such cases, the land is in the name of the father and the son is separated due to domestic strife. They have been given land and are farming their home. The payment of the crop will come in the account of the same farmer, who has the land in his name, in such a situation, domestic quarrels will increase.

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