Monday, 1 March 2021

PM Modi: The budget was focused on agriculture sector?

PM on agriculture

After installing the Corona vaccine, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's work continues. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a webinar on Monday, in which the budget was focused on how the agriculture sector was focused. PM Modi said that now the time has come when the emphasis should be on private players in the agricultural sector.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address here that the private and public sector will have to come together in the agriculture sector, the government has taken a lot of decisions keeping in mind the small farmers of the country. PM Modi said that it will be good for the agriculture sector only by giving strength to small farmers.

PM Modi said in his address that many such decisions have been taken in the budget, which shows the vision of the government. PM Modi said that if it had been done two or three decades ago, it would have been quite right, but now we have to work by looking at the present and the future.

PM Modi said that the private-public sector along with the farmers will be strengthened through food processing. Getting more options for farmers' produce is the need of the hour. Now the number of agro industry near the villages will have to increase, so that employment is found here only.

Need to promote private sector

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that along with agriculture, we also have our attention in the fisheries sector. PM Modi said that after Covid, the demand for products like Ready To It, Ready To Cook has increased. PM Modi said that small farmers have benefited from the Kisan Rail. The PM said that now the emphasis is being laid on building a cluster to connect different districts.

PM Modi said that small farmers are unable to take a tractor, in which case the facility to rent the tractor should be emphasized. The PM said that farmers will also have to be made aware about soil testing. PM Modi said that now is the time that private sector participation in agriculture should be increased, not only to seed but also it should be taken forward. Farmers should not be limited to the cultivation of wheat and rice only.

PM Modi said that contract farming has been happening in the country for a long time, but it has to be emphasized to move beyond trade where farmers can benefit more. PM Modi said that whatever suggestions will come for the agriculture sector, the government will work on them.

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