Sunday, 7 March 2021

Wheat Procurement starts in UP from next month

The government has begun to tighten the screws on middlemen and mafias in the procurement of wheat starting next month. This time the responsibility of verification of big farmers has been given to the ADM at the headquarters level. If disturbances are found, the responsibility of them has been fixed.

Wheat procurement will start from April 1, which will run till June 15. So far, 58 purchasing centers of seven agencies have been set up. The support price of wheat has been fixed at Rs 1975 per quintal, which is Rs 25 more than the previous time.

It is also linked to giving relief to the angry farmers due to non-increase of sugarcane price. Farmers will have to register online. The responsibility of verification of farmers has been given to SDM. The ceiling for adding maximum land allowed by a farmer under the Ceiling Act has been 12.5 acres. Often mafia and middlemen used to buy wheat from small farmers after selling it at a purchasing center. Due to this, the farmers were not able to get a fair price for their crop. 

This time, ADM Finance and Revenue will verify those who sell 500 quintals or more of wheat to keep these mafias away from purchase. After verification, we will lock with your ID. The responsibility of verification of those who sell less wheat has already been given to SDM. In this regard, Commissioner Food and Logistics Department Manish Chauhan has also sent a letter instructing to speed up the preparations.

Preparations for wheat procurement are being made fast. ADM Finance and Revenue will verify those who sell 500 quintals and more wheat. This is the first time ADM has been given the responsibility. Changes have been made to bring transparency in procurement.

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