Saturday, 20 March 2021

MP gram, lentils and mustard will now be purchased from March 22 at MSP

lentil purchase update 2021

The minimum support price declared on crops by the central government is purchased by the central agencies by registering the farmers. For the farmers of Madhya Pradesh, mustard, gram and lentils were to be procured along with wheat from March 15, but due to storm-rains and hail storms, gram, lentils and mustard will now be purchased from March 22 but

not from March 15. 

Farmer-Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister Mr. Kamal Patel has said that gram, lentil and mustard crops will be earned on support price from March 22. Earlier it was decided to procure it from March 15 with wheat, which has been decided to purchase from March 22 instead of March 15, given the current weather conditions. Minister Shri Patel informed that due to recent unseasonal rains and hailstorms, all district officials have also been instructed to assess the damage to crops and prepare a draft of relief.

Gram, mustard and lentil will be procured through marketing association: Agriculture Minister

Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that this time gram, mustard and lentils will be purchased through marketing association. Actually, till now the earlier government used to work for the purchase of wheat crop. After that, procurement of other crops started. But this time the government has decided to buy all the crops simultaneously. Because the gram crop also comes with wheat, the Agriculture Minister said that this time all the crops will be purchased simultaneously. So that farmers can benefit.

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