Thursday 4 March 2021

CPRI suggested farmers on nematode virus?

In India there are many farmers who have to face problems in potato crop due to virus and Nematodes. This type of problem decrease the quality as well as production. We can't control them easily but due to some control measures and early symptoms we can decrease their damage. Recently the CPRI scientists advise the farmers regarding this. 

Potato CPRI

To protect potato crop from the virus, it has become necessary to adopt the crop cycle, only then farmers will be able to tackle the nematode virus from the soil. Scientists at the Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI), Shimla, have suggested to farmers that

continuous potato harvesting in the fields for years can be fatal. Potato yield from this virus can be reduced by about 25 to 30 percent. This production decreases rapidly.

In other states of the country, including Himachal, the Nematode virus is overshadowing potato production. Not only this, potato seeds have been produced every year at Kufri and Fagu farms of Central Potato Research Institute. But production has come to a standstill for the last three years. It is said that there is currently no medicine available to eradicate the virus from the soil of the fields.

The effect of the virus lasts for seven years

CPRI scientists point out that the nematode virus affects the soil for seven years. There is a possibility of spreading the virus due to continuous potato production in the fields. This potato is also eaten abroad, especially in Europe and America. Eating such potatoes has no adverse effect.

CPRI Scientific Social Division President, Dr. NK Pandey, says that farmers who consistently cultivate potato, the soil of their fields has the nematode virus. Farmers should adopt crop cycle. That is, one year potato, second year mustard, third year palace etc. crops can be grown in the field and the virus can be avoided.

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