Sunday 21 March 2021

Potato farmer worried about potato Prices in Mandis?

potato prices

At the time of sowing the potato farmer, the potato farmer had sown potatoes by purchasing Rs. 4500 per quintal. But now when the potato crop is ready, the rate is getting Rs 600 per quintal. The cost of potato production is high, while the corresponding price is not available. This is causing economic losses. This year, no expenditure is being spent on potato crop. The seeds were sown by buying expensive. Now potato rate is cheaper. If you go to a cold store to store potatoes, a line has to be laid at the gate, in which the remaining money will go into the rent of a tractor trolley. In this way, this crop has become a deficit.

At the time of sowing the potato farmer, the potato farmer had bought expensive potatoes and sowed the potatoes. During the excavation from sowing, cost of about 50 thousand rupees per acre, including expensive seed manure, water, storage, medicines and gunny bags. When the crop was ready, it turned out to be about 100 quintals per acre. The estimated cost of which is 50 thousand only. Which has proved to be a loss deal. Now the potato crop is disenchanted. The crop has been normal. But due to expensive manure seeds and medicines, a lot of expenditure has been incurred from sowing to digging. At present, the cost is coming out due to reduced rate of potato. Potato cultivation has been proving to be a loss-making deal for the last two-three years.

Potato farmers are not getting the price as per the cost of the crop. Due to this, he is suffering financial loss. The farmers of the district said that when the crop is ready at the farmer, potato is sold cheaper in the market. The rate of potato in the market was Rs 760 per quintal. It is expensive to keep in cold storage. This time the price of potato per packet to be kept in cold storage is Rs. 135. Last year was 125 rupees. 50 to 54 kg in a pack. Till the potato is filled. It is also difficult to store here. It cannot be kept in a day due to the line. This causes the tractor-trolley to pay more

Loss for four years

Sitapur Cold Storage Association has been incurring losses due to the cold house being empty for four years. For this reason, a cold house in Sidhauli has been closed for two years. He informed that rates are decided at the district level. The sagacious rate is maintained. This time the rate has been fixed at Rs 135 per packet. 50 to 54 kg in a pack. As long as the potato can be filled. There is no rate fixed by the government to keep potato of farmers in the cold house. Rates are determined by the institution of cold house operators. If a farmer has any problem in keeping potatoes in the cold house, then the complaint will be resolved.

These type of problem have to faced by the farmers every year. At the time of sowing the seed rate is higher in every crop while at the harvesting time traders and govt release data about the higher production as compare to last year. Due to this the crop prices crashed in the market, and it creates a problem for the farmers. 

This is a big issue for farmers that's why he worried about the crops at the time of sowing.  He calculates the input and estimation, but he never gets a profit after a good production. 

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