Saturday 27 March 2021

Input cost of crops will increase by 20 percent?


After the increase in the price of DAP (Di ammonium phosphate) 50 kg bag by the private companies by three hundred rupees, the farmers are also going to face difficulty. DAP is used in abundance in crops, obviously the cost of crops will also increase after its price increases. According to the farmers, the requirement of DAP is high at the time of sowing of many vegetables including mentha, sugarcane, hence the financial burden will be increased on them. According to an estimate, now the cost of crops will increase by 20 percent.

Trouble has started spreading again in front of the farmers of the state. The reason for this is that petrol and diesel prices are increasing every day. In such a situation, it has become expensive to irrigate the fields.

At the same time, other private companies have suddenly done the work of breaking the back of farmers by raising three hundred rupees on a 50 kg bag of DAP. Where the farmers were already upset due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, now the farmers have started to be burdened with the economic burden due to increase of Rs 300 on one piece of DAP In such a situation, the cost of their crop will increase now, while the farmers are still not getting the price of their crop right. In such a situation, farmers are now looking forward to the government, so that they can get some relief.

The government is misleading farmers in the name of doubling income. There has been a conspiracy to enslave the farmers even before the agricultural laws, now the government has fully expressed its mindset towards the farmers by increasing the price of DAP. Farmers are already not getting the right price for their crop. Diesel prices are on the sky. The simultaneous increase of DAP prices by Rs 300 will increase the additional burden on the farmers. This will also increase the cost of production of crops. Not enough electricity is available for irrigation of crops. Diesel is so expensive that it is not a matter of irrigation for everyone. Now DAP has also been increased by Rs 300. Government talks about doubling the income of farmers, but this is not happening

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