Sunday 14 March 2021

Farmers will get a receipt printed at the purchasing centers

e mobile recept

On selling wheat at the purchasing centers, the farmers will get a receipt printed with the e-pop machine. There will be a description of the weight of wheat sold in it.

The message will also come on the registered mobile immediately. Farmers will be able to complain directly to Commissioner Food when the message arrives without selling grains. A mobile number will also come in the message for the complaint.

Government procurement of wheat will be from the e-pop machine (electronic-point of purchase). The middlemen will not be able to benefit from the transparent system. Farmers will get direct benefit of this. An arrangement has been made to receive SMS on mobiles after selling wheat by putting a thumb in the e-pop machine. The mobile number is yet to be decided for the complaint.

District Food Marketing Officer Shishir Kumar said that the receipt of printed receipts on wheat sale and the system of sending messages on mobiles will prevent rigging. The registered farmer or his designated family will be able to sell the wheat at the purchasing center.

Wheat purchasing policy continues, there will be no target

 Government procurement policy for wheat procurement at minimum support price for Rabi marketing year 2021-22 has been issued. Till the last date, farmers will be able to sell wheat at the purchasing centers. The government has made changes in the system of setting targets before purchase. This time there will be no target of wheat procurement. Wheat procurement will start from April 1. June 15 is the deadline. Wheat will be procured at Rs. 1975 per quintal. The District Food Marketing Officer informed that wheat will be procured at the purchasing centers till the last date.

Revenue villages will be connected to purchasing centers outside Mandi

 Farmers living anywhere in the district will be allowed to sell wheat in the purchasing centers of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee complex. Revenue villages will be connected to the purchasing centers outside the Mandi campus. Only the farmers of the revenue villages connected at these purchasing centers will be able to sell wheat. This will reduce the cost of purchasing wheat at purchasing centers and facilitate farmers to sell grains.

11 more new purchasing centers proposed

Kanpur Countryside. There are 36 purchasing centers of four agencies in the district. A proposal for purchasing wheat has been received at Mandi Samiti Rura. It is proposed to set up purchasing centers of Food Department at Maitha, Rasulabad, Deeng and Derapur. The PCU has proposed six centers. In this, there is a proposal for purchasing centers in the Districts Cooperative Development Association in Sarvankheda block, Manethu, Naholi, Badagaon Bhikkhi in Derapur block, Rairamapur in Malasa block, Jalpura in Amaraudha block and Rura in Akbarpur block. With the approval of DM, there will be 47 purchasing centers in the district.

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