Monday 29 March 2021

Improvement is needed in Indian Agriculture?

As you know, with the advent of chemical fertilizers, there was a huge increase in farming. Subsequently, improved varieties, hybrid seeds, tissue seeding, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, paper mulching, shade net, greenhouses, pesticides were used. Production increased steadily. Costs increased but production also increased.

But today if we compare the productivity of our country with the productivity of our country, then it is clear that we are lagging somewhere.

Although China's arable land is larger than India, China's area has remained stagnant since 1980, meaning that there has been no increase in arable land since 1980. China's agriculture is as fragmented as ours. However, we have doubt in this generation to invest in this sector or not?

Why India lags behind China in agricultural productivity? If you search for the answer to this question, you will find that until 1990, money was not invested in agriculture in China, but then they had invested heavily in this area, and today they have 3 to 4 times more money in agriculture. Let's invest! They have achieved this by increasing fertilizer, water, soil fertility, mechanization and facilities. As we have seen result in India during in lockdown 2020 situation. 

However, we are still skeptical about whether we should invest in the sector or not. Despite a bright future in agriculture, we are seeing the next generation move away from agriculture. Even today technology is not being used to the desired extent in our fields. The biggest drawback is not paying attention to the balanced fertilizer volume. Even today we decide about the wave, we plant only what others have planted, not only that, even those which they have planted, the same kind of plants. Lack of use, lack of studies of crop marketing before planting is very evident.

Friends, farmers are a big business - despite thousands of uncertainties, a handful of grain is sown and only a handful of grain is produced, so negativity should be avoided.

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