Monday 8 March 2021

Himachal Govt budget on Agriculture and Cotton, Sugar demand in market?


The BJP Kisan Morcha is very excited about the new budget of the Himachal government. The leaders of the Front have described this budget as much better for the farmers. He has described in this budget an important step towards liberation from chemical farming and pesticides by providing special budget for natural farming. Citing the government's statistics, the Morcha said that so far more than 1 lakh farmers are living better than before by adopting natural farming, while in the next financial year, 50 thousand more farmers have been claimed to be linked to it. In addition, 1 lakh farmers are expected to be trained for natural farming.

India will not be able to meet the sugar export target this year due to shipment and logistics challenges. Due to this, the price of sugar is now expected to increase. India is the second largest producer of sugar. Despite the huge stock here, only 20 per cent less sugar will be exported than the target set by the government. This information has been given in a media report quoting traders and analysts. This reduction in supply from India is going to happen at a time when the prices of sugar are already increasing in the global market.

In February, futures prices of raw sugar were seen to be rising for 10 consecutive days. This is the first time in the last 6 decades. Sugar production in other country like Thailand and European countries has come down in current year. At the same time, the demand for sugar in Asian markets has also increased. In such a situation, the challenges for the global market may increase due to non-fulfillment of the target of Chinese exports from India.

cotton Prodction

During the current cotton season year 2020-21, cotton yields are being speculated to be bigger than the previous year due to which cotton bulls are reported to stock millions of bales of white gold. At the same time, cotton inflows in the country are getting weaker. The main reason for the weak white gold inflows in the country is the possibility of a rise in the prices of white gold in the coming days for which farmers are bringing white gold to the Mandis at a slow pace. In the Mandis of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, fine white gold is being sold much higher than the minimum support price, which has made the Cotton Corporation of India Limited (CCI) out of the cotton Mandis.

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