Wednesday 27 January 2021

Farmers will get a price for crop residue, the first agricultural waste plant in a biochar production plant in Bahraich

On the initiative of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, a unique beginning has been made to double the income of farmers in the state. On one hand, the farmers will get money in exchange for the residue. On the other hand, the problem of burning straw can be overcome and environmental protection will also be possible. Trial of the state's first agricultural residue-based biocoll production plant in Bahraich has been completed and is going to start soon.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had directed the Agriculture Department to increase the income of farmers and reduce costs. On his first step a bio-production unit from agricultural waste was set up in Risia, Bahraich in the state. For this, agricultural crop wastes are being purchased from thousands of farmers by paying thousand per ton of paddy straw, corn stalks, sugarcane leaves etc. Fuel briquette pellet manufactured from Agro Waste has been completed in the plant trial.

So far, around 10 thousand quintals of crop residue/waste, including corn stalks, sugarcane leaves, etc. have been purchased from farmers. Apart from all these the firm has also received some orders for the supply of 1000 tonnes per day from NTPC Unchahar. The establishment of this unit has directly and indirectly provided regular employment to more than a hundred people. At the same time farmers are getting extra income from straw and agricultural crop residues.

APC Alok Sinha said this is a small effort to increase the farmer income and give relief to those farmers who are facing the problem of straw and also will get money in return. To create more pallets from agricultural residues in the state, units can be set up, motivating others for this.

State government gives 10 years exemption on GST

Managing Director Ram Ratan Aggarwal of Vipul Industries said that this is the first plant in the state, which will help to make fuel briquette palette from agricultural residues. The trial of the plant has just been completed. NTPC has also been sent for trial by sending one hundred and six quintal fuel pellets. It is producing electricity. The establishment of the plant has cost Rs.10 million. Two and a half percent state GST is exempted by the state government for 10 years. Also, 25 percent grant on capital cost will also be provided by the government. He says that we are getting more orders from boilers at the beginning of the unit itself, due to which the unit is proposed to be expanded in two months. This will provide employment to other people.

Also working on Pallets made from agricultural residues in around five other districts of state

Ram Ratan Aggarwal is also the chairman of the Biomass Briquettes Association Uttar Pradesh. He says that there are about two hundred units in the state, which are making bicrates from factory waste, which are being used in brick kilns, but this product cannot be burnt in boilers. Hence they are excited to be inspired to make briquettes from agricultural residues. A proposal has been prepared to set up a similar plant with two from Shahjahanpur, i.e  Pilibhit and Faizabad, one from Basti and one from Gorakhpur, who are being trained on how to make pallets from agricultural residues, as this There is no loss if the pellets are lit by mixing with coal.

  1. This is the rate of residue.
  2. Sugarcane leaf (lump) one and a half rupees per kg.
  3. Mustard stalks (rupees) two rupees per kg.
  4. Maize stalks 1.5 rupees per kg.
  5. Parali (paddy straw) vine one and a half rupees per kg.
  6. Disposable residue of wheat is one and a half rupees kg.
  7. Arhar stack (Zakra) Three rupees per kg.
  8. Lentil husk two rupees per kg.

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