Monday, 25 January 2021

109 villages will get insurance claim for damaged cotton crops

There is relief news for the farmers of Loharu region. Under the Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Scheme for the cotton crop that has been damaged in the year 2020, an amount of about Rs 100 crore has been approved for the farmers of villages of Bahl, Loharu and Sewani area of ​​Loharu region. Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister JP Dalal said that farmers will get this amount only in the month of January.

Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said that the Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Scheme is proving beneficial for the farmers. This scheme, implemented under BJP rule, was strongly opposed by the anti-people. But now this insurance scheme is coming out as a defense for farmers. In the year 2020, the cotton crop in the Loharu region was destroyed. For which insurance companies have approved an amount of about 100 crores for the Loharu region alone. Under this, an amount of Rs 34 crore 20 lakh 51 thousand 983 will be provided to the farmers of 47 villages of Loharu section. At the same time, an amount of more than Rs 35 crore 58 lakh 61 thousand will be given to the farmers of 31 villages under Khand Bahl. Similarly, farmers of 31 villages under Sewani block will be given more than Rs 29 crore 48 lakh under the insurance scheme.

Highest in Garwa, lowest in Dhani Ahmed of Loharu

Farmers of Garwa village of Sewani will get the highest amount of Rs 2,90,08,657 out of about one hundred crores received for Loharu region. The number two will be given to the farmers of Morka, Rs 2,71,48,842 and to the farmers of Bidhwan, Rs 2,56,08,661. Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said that the maximum amount of Rs 2,80,52,715 will be distributed to the farmers of Mandoli Kalan village in the Bahl region, Rs 2,61,50,573 in Gokalpura village and Rs 2,61,27,495 in Surpura Khurd. Similarly, maximum amount of Rs 2,69,89,113 will be distributed in Singhani in Loharu region, Rs 2,42,35,216 in Hill and Rs 2,03,57,160 in Kudal village. In the insurance scheme, the lowest Rs 7,01,840 will be given in village Dhani Ahmed of Loharu block, Rs 14,85,576 in Leelas of Sewani and Rs 15,29,793 in Garanpura village in Bahl.

Insurance scheme will be available in January

The Agriculture Minister said that the amount of Rs 100 crore sanctioned under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme is expected to be received by the farmers in the month of January itself. Necessary guidelines have been given to the officers of the concerned departments for disbursing the sanctioned amount.

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