Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Odisha Farmer has done such an unimaginable and amazing work?

A farmer of Odisha has done such an unimaginable and amazing work so that the heads of administration also bow down in shame. This farmer did not get water in his farming, he requested the administration many times that water should be given in his field but no one listened.

Finally, the farmer stopped complaining and did such an amazing thing, after which people around him are also coming to see his native invention. A similar interesting incident took place in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. Where a farmer named Mahur Tipiriya built a native water wheel to reach his farming two kilometers away from the river.

This water wheel is made using bamboo and wood. It has a big round wheel which rotates like a windmill with the help of water and wind. On this wheel, the farmer has installed bottles of water and the mouth of these bottles is closed with a lid.

The farmer cut the bottom of the bottles and put them on the wheels like an open vessel. When the wheel turns and goes down to the river, it fills the water with water bottles and comes out through a bamboo. There are 30-40 such bottles attached to this big wheel.

A storage center is built at the middle height of this wheel. The mouth of the water bottles is made towards this storage center, as the water bottles pass through this center, the water comes down to the center and falls down. After this, this water passes through the pumps made of bamboo to the cultivation of the farmer.

After inventing this native water tower, the farmer said that I am a poor man, I repeatedly asked the officials to arrange water for irrigation in my fields, but there was no help, so in the end, I gave up this waterfowl Made it.

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