Saturday 31 July 2021

Edible oil prices high where potato price low?

potato price

The effect of inflation of petrol and diesel is bound to fall on consumer goods, but it is a matter of relief that the prices of potato-tomato, which took away the common man last year, are soft, while onion is ready to cry

Compared to last year, tomatoes have become 40 percent cheaper and potatoes 32 percent cheaper. During this, edible oils have played an important role in completely spoiling the budget of the kitchen. At the same time, potatoes and tomatoes are handling it. Mustard oil has become costlier by 42 percent, groundnut oil 21, vegetable 53, soya oil 55 and sunflower oil by 58 percent compared to last year. Palm oil has also jumped 48 percent in this period.

According to the data given on the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, there has been a jump of 16 percent in open tea on 26 July 2021 as compared to 26 July 2020. At the same time, the rate of rice has increased by 5 percent. If we talk about pulses, according to the latest data given on the website of the ministry, the average Pigeon Pea( tur dal) has increased from Rs 93 to Rs 107 per kg, Black gram ( urad dal) from Rs 91 to Rs 106 per kg. On the other hand, there has been a slight decline in green gram (moong dal), while lentils and cowpea (chana dal) have become costlier by 15 per cent.

Many times the onion, which makes people cry from the tears of inflation, is coming back in the form. In a year, its price has increased by 35 percent to Rs 21 to 29.

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