Friday 16 July 2021

Black Marketing of fertilizers and Govt orders

fertilizersAs demand of fertilizers increase in market there are some points to be correct especially black marketing and fake products and we have to focus on these points. It is not a problem of single area or state it must be check and monitor by the govt.

UP Bagri, Deputy Director, Agriculture Department said that under the Fertilizer Quality Control Program Kharif Year 2021-22, testing of fertilizers is being conducted by running a campaign. He said that storage, sale and transportation of DAP and urea has been banned after urea and DAP 18:46 lab test no. The manufacturers of the above fertilizers are NFL Guna and Godavari Coromandal International Limited, Secunderabad Telangana.

He said that the storage, sale and transportation of fertilizers were found to be non-standard after testing the samples of DAP 18:46 stored in Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation Limited Double Lock Center and its storage, sale and transportation has been banned with immediate effect.

On the other hand in Bihar, the demand for chemical fertilizers, especially urea, has started increasing as the time of sowing of paddy is approaching.  For the zero tolerance policy the bihar govt issued an order.  In the order issued by Bihar's Director of Agriculture, Adesh Titarmare, it has been said that it has been decided by the state government to make available fertilizers to the farmers only at the fixed price under the zero tolerance policy.

Instructions have been given to all fertilizer suppliers and manufacturers in the order. That the responsibility of transporting the fertilizers to the sales center will be of the supplier company, if any error is found in it and there is a complaint of selling fertilizers at more than the prescribed price, then action will be taken against the concerned company as per FCO 1985 and EC Act. 

The Department of Agriculture has made a system up to the Panchayat level for the implementation of this policy and has also fixed the accountability of the officers of the department.

Central Govt should take good steps on black marketing of fertilizers. 

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