Tuesday 27 July 2021

Affect of Coragen in Sugarcane

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The economic condition of sugarcane farmers in the country is not the same, in such a situation, the use of more pesticides and fertilizers in crop production increases the cost of the crop, which causes economic loss to the farmers

. In such a situation, scientists advise farmers to use fertilizers and pesticides as per the need to reduce the cost of sugarcane crop. Farmers can find out the quantity of manure by checking the soil of the field, while the use of insecticides can be avoided by using only when needed. 

Use of coragen insecticide for seedling borer and peak borer pest control, Sugarcane and Sugar Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Sanjay R. Bhusreddy said that according to scientific recommendations, the use of coragen only once in a crop year is sufficient to control the borer pests in sugarcane crop, because this pesticide is very expensive, and its effect also remains for a long time and in the environment. Does not perish quickly. 

Therefore, it is not beneficial for the farmers to use it more from the economic and environmental point of view. It is a classified chemical of a very dangerous category, which also has adverse effects on the environment and soil health.

Due to the misleading/guide only for publicity regarding Coragen pesticide, the farmers useing 2 to 3 times in sugarcane crop  which affect the soil as well as crop and this is wrong. According to IISR, Lucknow report dated-23.03.2017, it is used for the control of seedling borer and peak borer pest and use it only once in the last week of May or first week of June are sufficient. 

Similarly, it has been told by Sugarcane Research Council, Shahjahapur in its report that it is used for the control of seedling borer and peak borer pest. It has also been (recommended) by National Sugar Institute Kanpur, which is a Government of India organization, to control Kansua and Top borer. Therefore, the above scientific report confirms that it is sufficient to use coragen only once to protect the crop from borer. Coragen is an expensive drug, due to which the cost of sugarcane crop increases significantly, and its use is justified from the economic point of view only when at least 15 percent of the plants in the field show borer infestation.

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