Monday 26 July 2021

Significant reduction in sowing of Kharif crops

agriculture sowing area

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, this year also this monsoon was expected to be normal like last year, due to which there was a lot of enthusiasm among the farmers. Due to good rains in the month of June and less rain in the month of July, there has been a lot of damage to the crops of the farmers. 

This year there is a drought situation in some states, while in some states there is a flood situation due to late but heavy rains. So far, the effect of less than normal monsoon rains can be clearly seen on the sowing of Kharif crops. Till 9 July 2021, Kharif crops have been sown up to 50 million hectares, which is 46.6 percent of the total Kharif area. Whereas last year 55.6 million hectares were sown in this period, which is 52.5 percent of the total kharif sown area. 

Thus, this year till July 9, 2021, 10.4 percent less Kharif crop has been sown as compared to last year. Like every year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Welfare has released the sowing data of Kharif crop on 13 July 2021 this year. It is issued on 9th July every year but this year it is issued with a delay of 4 days. 

The first data of sowing of Kharif crop is released on June 25, whereas this year it has been released on June 30, 2021 with a delay of 5 days. According to the crops, the government has released the sowing area across the country as follows. There has been more sowing in sugarcane crop than last year, so sowing of most of the crops has decreased. progress of kharif sowing Sugarcane sowing area Till July 9, 2021, sugarcane has been sown in an area of ​​5.4 million hectares across the country, which is 113 percent. This time sowing is 1.7 percent more than last year in normal period. 

According to the state, Maharashtra has registered a growth of 7.8 percent and Gujarat 33.5 percent, while the major sugarcane producing states like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar have seen marginal growth. While a decline of 12.3 percent has been recorded in Tamil Nadu during this period. 

Paddy sown area As on 9 July 2021, rice has been sown in 12.6 million hectares of land across the country, which is 8.9 percent less than last year. Rice sowing is expected to increase | Monsoon has become active once again across the country, due to which the work of sowing of paddy is going on in various states.

The area under sowing of coarse cereals has also shown a decrease in sowing of coarse grains. Sowing of coarse cereals has been done till 9 July 2021, which is 17.2 percent less than the previous year. A growth of 22.5 percent was registered in the normal period last year.

Oil seed Crops Area

Area under oilseeds Sowing Till July 9, 2021, total oilseeds have been sown in 11.3 million hectares as against 12.6 million hectares last year. This has reduced the sown area by 10.8 percent. Soybean is the main oilseed crop in Kharif season. Till 9 July 2021, 8.2 million hectares have been sown which is 11.1 percent less than the previous year.

Madhya Pradesh is the leading state in soybean cultivation. Till July 9, 2021, 3.7 million hectares have been sown in the state. This sowing is 66 percent of the total soybean area. In the normal period up to 75 percent sowing was done last year.

One of the reasons for the decrease in soybean cultivation is the non-availability of seeds to the farmers. In addition, the rainfall in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan has been much less than normal. After sowing soybean in many places, farmers have to remove it and plant another crop.

Groundnut has been sown in 2.7 million hectares till July 9, 2021. Groundnut has been sown in 64 percent of the total area. This year is 11.3 percent less than the previous year in the normal period. Gujarat is the largest producer of groundnut. Here, groundnut has been sown in 11.4 percent less area. Whereas Rajasthan has registered an increase of 7.3 percent in groundnut area. 

Cotton sowing area 

There has also been a decrease in cotton sowing. Cotton was sown in 8.6 million hectares across the country till July 9, 2021, which is 17.5 percent less than the previous year. Cotton sowing has registered a growth of 34.9 percent in the normal period last year. The cotton producing states of the country Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have registered a decrease in sowing. 

The effect of monsoon can be seen directly in the field of agriculture across the country. Except sugarcane, sowing of all other crops has been affected. The rainfall across the country till July 7 was 46.3 per cent deficient, which has reduced to 7 per cent in the week ending July 14. It is expected that in the coming days, the sowing of Kharif crop will register an increase if the rainfall improves.

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