Sunday 4 July 2021

Sugarcane balance paid by July 10?


Sugarcane farmers have to wait to get their payment after selling their cane crop to sugar mills. Due to the high number of sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh, news keeps coming from the sugar mills here regarding the payment arrears of sugarcane purchases from the farmers. The problem of payment of arrears of sugarcane purchase is not only of the farmers of UP. 

The farmers of Haryana are also very upset due to this. In view of their problem, recently, an amount of Rs 315 crore has been released by the Haryana government to cooperative sugar mills for payment of total arrears of sugarcane farmers for the crushing season 2020-21. With this amount, the arrears of sugarcane farmers of the state will be paid. Apart from this, the government has also released subsidy of Rs 47 crore to sugar mills.

How much amount has been released to which sugar mill of the country?

34.50 crore to the cooperative sugar mill of Panipat

Rs 14.60 crore to Rohtak's cooperative sugar mill

Rs 36 crore to Karnal's cooperative sugar mill

33.30 crore to the cooperative sugar mill of Sonipat

32.70 crore to Shahbad's cooperative sugar mill

Rs 20.60 crore to Jind's cooperative sugar mill

33.50 crore to Palwal sugar mill

Meham's cooperative sugar mill's share of Rs 48 crore

31.80 crore to Kaithal's cooperative sugar mill

30 crore has been released to Co-operative Sugar Mill of Gohana.

The balance amount is expected to be paid by July 10

State Cooperative Minister Dr. Banwari Lal had recently ordered a meeting of officials to pay cane dues by July 10. It is informed by the minister during the recent crushing season 2020-21 where the  cooperative sugar mills have procured around 429 lakh quintals of sugarcane whose total amount is 1500 crores and 1082 crores has been given to farmers. It is expected that the rem remaining amount will be given by July 10 2021.

Jaggery is also produced in some sugar mills, income increases

The cooperative sugar mills of Meham, Kaithal and Palwal have also produced 630.16 quintals of jaggery during the crushing season of 2020-21. So that income can be increased. Similarly, work has been started on the project for bio-fuel in Cooperative Sugar Mill of Kaithal. It shows that the mills will start soon in other cooperative sectors also.

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