Sunday 18 July 2021

Sugarcane area increased again this year


In Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district, sugarcane area has increased for the third consecutive year and out of two lakh hectares of cultivable land, sugarcane is being sown on one lakh 66 thousand 610 hectares.

Two lakh 18 thousand 18 farmers are cultivating sugarcane in the district. According to the sugarcane survey, 2209 hectares of sugarcane area and 8377 sugarcane farmers have increased in the district in this season.

In the year 2018-19, sugarcane area was sown in one lakh 35 thousand hectares, in 2019-20 one lakh 47 thousand hectares, in 2020-21, sugarcane crop was sown in one lakh 64 thousand hectares. According to the survey, sugarcane was sown in about one lakh 66 thousand 610 hectares in 2021-22. The area under sugarcane has increased by about 30,000 hectares in the last four years. About 83 percent of the land in the district is under sugarcane cultivation.

Due to increase in sugarcane production in the district and getting more profit, the infatuation of the farmers towards sugarcane cultivation has increased. Sugarcane is such a crop, which is not affected much by winter, heat, rain, flood. The farmer considers it a safe crop. This is the reason that the trend of farmers is continuously moving towards sugarcane cultivation.

The sugar mills of Muzaffarnagar district owe farmers 569 crores. In this, more than half 339 crore is left on Bhaisana sugar mill alone. Five sugar mills have already paid more than 90 per cent. In sugar mills, farmers have planted sugarcane worth 3246 crore 23 lakh ten thousand in this season. The sugar mills have so far paid 2677 crores to the farmers. Khatauli Sugar Mill of the district has paid 94.09 percent. Titavi has paid 91.97 percent, Mansoorpur 91.78 percent, Tikoula 97.67 percent, Rohana 95.86 percent. Khaikhedi has paid 87.25 per cent and Morna 64.94 per cent. Bhaisana Sugar Mill is the only mill that has been able to pay only 24 percent so far.

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