Monday 12 July 2021

Inspired farmers to plant neem, experiment started in Bihar !!


BAU will now motivate farmers through Krishi Vigyan Kendra to plant Neem plant with medicinal properties. The demand for medicinal plants has increased during the corona pandemic. But the interest of people about neem has not increased

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Sabour has started this exercise to increase the interest of the people. In the first round, five thousand neem(Azadirachta indica) saplings will be planted in the district on the lines of one weed one tree. After the farmers' fields are covered with neem plants, the farmers will be taught the art of making pesticides from its leaves and seeds. This will reduce the use of chemical pesticides. The cost of farming will also be reduced. This experiment has been started in Bihar only in Bhagalpur district.

Benefits of neem

Dr. Vinod Kumar, in-charge of KVK says that along with useful for farming, neem plant cleans the environment twenty times its length. Due to this the pollution will be less. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will increase. Works as an air purifier. Saves human life through oxygen. Prevents soil erosion i.e. from becoming dust. Keeps it tied to the ground.

 It helps the most in raising the ground water level. Apart from this, it reduces the temperature of the atmosphere. In a place covered with trees, the temperature is lower by four degrees as compared to other places. He said that a healthy tree releases about 230 liters of oxygen every day, giving life to seven people. It absorbs the polluted air from the atmosphere and emits pure and clean oxygen.

In Bhagalpur of BAU Bihar, five thousand neem saplings will be planted in the district on the lines of one weed one tree. Neem has a lot of specialties. Pesticides will be used for leaves and seeds.

The use of one weed one tree is being started through KVK. Five thousand saplings of multi-faceted neem with medicinal properties will be planted in Bhagalpur district. From agriculture, it will be beneficial for humans, animals and nature.

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