Tuesday 20 July 2021

Change in stock limit, there may be a fall in pulse prices


 The government announced an exemption from the stock storage limit for importers of pulses and what changes have been made. Along with this, rules have also been relaxed for mills and wholesalers, however, all these units will have to continue to report their stock on the portal of the Department of Consumer Affairs and a revised order has been issued in this regard. It is believed that the central government has taken this step

after the reduction in the prices of major pulses in the country. It states that the stock limit will be applicable only on tur, urad, chana, and masoor dal till October 31, an official statement said.

Talking about the stock for wholesalers, its limit will be 500 tonnes. The stock limit for a single pulse variety can be up to 200 tonnes and should not exceed it. On the other hand, if we talk about the mills, then the stock limit for mills is kept for six months of production or 50 percent of the installed capacity, you can understand which is more. Talking about retail traders, the stock limit would have been kept at only five tonnes. Everyone whether importers, mills, retail, and wholesale traders will have to continue to declare stock on the portal. If they have more stock than the prescribed limit, they have to bring it within 30 days of the notification issued on 19th July.

Earlier this was the stock limit
The government had earlier announced stock limits till October for wholesale and retail traders, importers, and mills for all pulses except moong, on June 2. The stock limit was fixed at 200 tonnes for importers and wholesalers and five tonnes for retailers. If we check the status of mills, the stock limit was fixed equal to the production of the last three months or 25 percent of the annual production capacity, whichever is higher.

prices will remain stable
Vimal Kothari, Vice President, Indian Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA) says that the efforts made by the Sangh in this regard have been successful and we are confident that this will reduce the supply of pulses as well as stabilize the prices in the coming months. The statement also said that the easing of stock limits for mills would help in assuring farmers on time for Kharif sowing of tur and urad.

The government is currently importing pulses. In such a situation, there was a fear that if the pulses kept accumulating, then when the pulses of the farmers would come in the market, then due to the already available stock, the price of pulses would not fall. In this case, the farmers will have to bear the loss.

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