Sunday 15 November 2020

Rain over Northern India and Agriculture Advisory for farmers

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 After waiting for two and a half to three months, there is the hope of rain. This time the first rain of the cold season is expected today. According to the Meteorological Department, a western disturbance is active near Jammu and Kashmir, which will give snowfall in the mountainous areas and rain in the plains. This will cause a tremendous fall in daytime temperatures and there will be a significant cold knock in the plains.

Daytime temperatures can reach around 24 to 25 degrees. At this time the day temperature is being recorded higher than normal. On Friday, the maximum temperature was recorded at 28 degrees Celsius, one degree above normal, while the minimum temperature was 11 degrees Celsius. It is also expected to reduce pollution by rain.

There was no rain in North India for a long time. Chandigarh received rains in the first week of September. It has been dry since then. The Western Disturbance occurred three to four times after the departure of the monsoon, but due to the weakening, the high altitude area received only snowfall.

This is the first Western disturbance of the season, which is active. Its effect will be visible in the mountains from the day of Diwali. Some areas of the plains may have cloudy days on Diwali. On November 15, light to moderate rains is expected in many areas of Punjab and Haryana including Chandigarh. The weather will begin to clear from 16 November. This will cause day temperature to drop, while night temperatures are expected to rise by one to two degrees.

According to the Meteorological Department, there is not much rain in November. The rainfall is usually between 20 and 18 mm. The highest rainfall was recorded in the year 2004 at 140 mm. However, the maximum rainfall after 2004 was recorded in the year 2013.

The weather for the next three days?

The cold will increase in Chandigarh. On Sunday, November 15, the maximum temperature of the day will be recorded between 27 and 26 degrees, and the minimum temperature between 12 and 13 degrees due to rain. The next day on Tuesday, the temperature will fall further. On November 16, the maximum temperature will be recorded around 24 degrees and the minimum temperature around 15 degrees. After that, the sky will be clear on 17 November. However, the maximum temperature can increase by one degree on this day. Night temperatures will be normal.

Agriculture advisory for the farmers

Farmers are advised not to burn the residue of Kharif crops (paddy) in the fields because it not only pollute the environment but also causes severe health (respiratory) problems. Farmers are advised to mix the residue of Kharif crops in the soil which increases soil fertility and decreases soil evaporation and to conserve soil moisture. Pusa decomposer capsules are best for decomposing the residue of the paddy. For more details and information watch the video

Farmers have advised the sowing good quality wheat seeds in the prepared fields having optimum moisture. Seed rate: - 100 kg seed per ha. Recommended cultivars: - H.D. 3226, H.D. 2967, H.D. 3086, H.D. 2733. For more details about the wheat variety watch this video.

The sowing of the potato should be done as soon as possible and the variety Kufri Badshah (Late blight tolerant), Kufri Jyoti (Short-duration), Kufri Alankar, Kufri Chandramukhi. For more details about variety watch this video.

Keeping in view of temperature trend sowing of oat and berseem for fodder purpose can be done and the sowing of a pea should be done as earliest.  

Weather is suitable for the sowing rabi onion. Seed rate- 10 kg\ha and seeds treatment can be done with Captan @ 2.5 g/ kg of seeds. Transplanting of mature seedlings of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli may be done this week.

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