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Crop Health and Yield Enhancer - Gorton's Solution

In Modern Agriculture world wise farmers want to improve crop health and increase the yield to earn a profit. The government and private company invest their resources and expertise to offer producers a wide range of crop-raising products that meet the needs of specific growers in various countries and regions. Gorton's Solution offers farmers such solutions with Humic and Fulvic acid


What is Humic Acid?

First of all, we will know that the word acid comes with a name like humic acid, then many questions come to our mind that it will harm the crop. Let me tell you, it is not acid of any kind, it is a type of quarry material which gives life to the barren soil again, it is not soluble in water. You would think that if it dissolves in water then what is it that is found in the market.

It is potassium humate which is formed by the action of caustic potash on humic acid. Potassium humate does not cause any harm to the crop but it increases the fertility of your soil along with increasing your yield. It can be sprayed on all types of crops by mixing it with all kinds of pesticides or you can give it with drip irrigation or you can use some kind of chemical fertilizer or use it separately.

Humic and Fulvic Acid?

Gorton's Solution Product

Both humic and fulvic acids are humic substances. However, there are some major differences that affect their benefits and how each is best implemented. In short, humic and fulvic acids have carbon and oxygen content, acidity, degree of polymerization, molecular weight, and color. Where the humic acids are large molecules that function best in the soil to provide an optimal growing environment and fulvic acids are very small molecules that perform well in both soil and foliar applications in the field and garden, where they transfer vital nutrients through plant cell membranes. They work together to help support plants and increase crop yields.

Importance of Gorton's Solution Humic and Fulvic Acid? 

Humic and Fulvic acid the most important work is that it fattens the soil, which leads to more growth of roots. This accelerates the action of photosynthesis, which leads to greenness in the plant and the growth of branches. It develops tertiary roots of the plant so that the absorption of nutrients from the germ can be increased. Grows fruits and flowers in the plant. Increases fertility of the soil. Increases the metabolic functions of the plant. The yield also increases.

The makeup or growing solution of your soil plays an important role in the health and growth of your crop. In nature, crops grow according to the chemical composition of the ground, where their seeds fall. Sometimes, this means growing in a fertile, succulent environment that promotes optimal growth for the plant. At other times, it means less lifespan, fewer flowers or seeds, or lower quality vegetation because the soil is devoid of nutrients.

Humic acids are dark brown to black in color and can apply in soil whose pH is greater than two whereas Fulvic acid is a type of humic acid with low molecular weight and oxygen content. Soluble in water, regardless of the pH level of the water. Fulvic acids are quite mild in color from yellow to light brown.

Humic acid comes in a few different forms. You can apply dry humic acid powder to your land, or you can dissolve it in water and transport it to your crops through the water. You can also buy liquid humic acid, dilute it, then transport it to your crops through the water.

Gorton's Solution Humic and Fulvic acid product is a key product for farmers and Gardeners. Gorton's Solution Humic and Fulvic acid can improve water holding capacity, soil structure and stability, and soil fertility, among other positives. For plants, it can help to dilate roots making them more voluminous allowing for faster nutrient uptake. Fulvic acids greatly work to increase and improves cell division spurring faster, a broader overall growth of a particular crop or plant. Faster nutrient uptake means healthier plants and strong plants that are more heat tolerant, requiring less water.

Net result, by using this product, agricultural growers will be able to deliver to their customers a faster, higher level of plant growth, health, and achievement. Landscape customers want plants that look great, are rich in color, show healthy physical condition, and are robust in size. We can help deliver this and at a very low, potential pass-through cost. We are not a fertilizer, but we can work in tandem with them to enhance their benefits or lower their application needs and costs. The all-natural product is made for turf grasses, shrubs, beds, trees, and gardens.

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid may sound like complicated substances but they are easy to use. Once you know the importance of humic and fulvic acid than how to use humic acid for plants, it’s a great addition to your amendment routine. 


In which Crops and Plants you can apply?

Most of the crop enhancer or crop health improvement product has limited or specified the crop and plants. But the Gorton's Solution humic and fulvic acid can be applied to all vegetables, horticulture, flowers, indoor plants, outdoor plants, cereals as well as attractive grasses for garden. It is a very safe and natural product for plants whose result and performance is at the top level.

How to use, Doses, and application?

You can apply on soil or roots or direct on plants by preparing a mixture of water with a few amount of product. For field crops, you can prepare a solution of adding 5ml in 2 liters of water or 2tps in one gallon of water. If you want to apply for indoor or garden plants can take 5ml in 4 liters or 1tps for 1 gallon of water for the best result. The grower and farmers can apply the mixture through a sprinkler or another irrigation method to soil and crop. Also can be applied through the spraying method in garden plants and open all field crops.

For the best result spray at 15 days of an interval to garden and indoor plants. For open field crops, at least one spray on minimum 30 days of crops and can be applied twice on life-cycle on crops.


How can I get Gorton's Solution?

Click here for more information and buy the product for your crop and plants. Which makes them strong, healthy, greenish with high yield and makes indoor plants and flowers attractive by using Gorton's Solution product. This is the best product for all those persons who love plants.

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