Wednesday 18 November 2020

A Green signal to drones in agriculture?

Drones in agriculture

Changes in agriculture are also taking place over time. In earlier times, more labor was required for agricultural work. And laborers were easily found, but with increasing time, the number of laborers in agriculture started decreasing and took the help of technology to meet this deficiency. And today, we are using machine tools and a variety of technologies in almost all fields of agriculture. The drone is playing an important role in these techniques. Now a green signal to drones in agriculture research.

With the help of Agri Research, the help of drones will also be taken. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry has got permission for this. This permission has been received by the Hyderabad-based International Crop Research Institute (ICRISAT) in Telangana. He will now be able to deploy conditional drones. It will be used for agricultural purposes only.

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Drones will also have a big role in farming

Amber Dubey, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, says the drone is ready to play a big role in India's agricultural sector. This will give special work especially in areas like proper agricultural locust control and improvement in crop yield. At present, the government is encouraging young entrepreneurs and researchers to provide low-cost drone solutions in more than 6.6 lakh villages of the country.

How long have you got the discount?

According to the Civil Aviation Ministry, this conditional exemption will be valid for six months from the date of issue of the letter or till full operation of the Digital Sky Platform (Phase-1) or we may say whichever is earlier. This exemption will be valid only if all the conditions and limits set by the government are strictly followed. In case of violation of any condition, this waiver will be terminated.


What is a drone?

What is drone

The drone is a driverless aircraft of the modern era, it can be remotely operated by remote or computer. A typical drone has a structure of four wings. Therefore, it is also known as a quadcopter. Actually, it got its name because of its flying, it flies exactly like a bee and can remain stationary in one place. Drones can be classified in many ways. Such as on the basis of its flying height, on the basis of its size, on its weight lifting capacity, on the basis of its accessibility, etc., but mainly on the basis of its aerodynamics.

Use of drones in agricultural management

Benefits of drones in agriculture

  • There is immense potential for the use of drones in the field of farming.
  • Crops can be monitored with the help of high-capacity cameras mounted in drones.
  • Soil and area can be easily analyzed with the help of drones.
  • Can be used in spraying insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizer at a variable rate as per the requirement of soil and crops.
  • It can also be used to monitor animals. 
  • The nutrient status of crop health, moisture in the soil, etc. can also be easily detected.
  • The utility of drones is important in precision agriculture, it reduces the number of fertilizers, nutrients, pesticides, etc.
  • Different types of sensors in drones can accurately detect diseases, insects, and weeds occurring in crops.

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