Thursday 12 November 2020

Farmers unions of Punjab have been invited for talks on 13 November

agriculture minister to farmers

Taking seriously the agitation of the peasant unions of Punjab in protest against the legislation passed from Parliament on agrarian reform, the Central Government invited them to hold talks. In this meeting to be held on November 13, before Diwali, the central government will listen to the farmers and will also make them aware of the specifics of the law. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar and Consumer, Food and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal will participate in the interaction with farmers.

Opposition to agricultural reform laws: farmers in Punjab are being confused

Putting a political color to the farmers' movement in Punjab can make the situation more serious. The ruling Congress and the main opposition Shiromani Akali Dal are also opposing these laws of agrarian reform. A senior central government official says that instead of giving real and correct information about the new laws to the farmers of the state, they are being confused. These laws have nothing to do with the issues being raised in the movement.

About two and a half dozen farmer unions of Punjab have been invited for talks on 13 November. During this, they will be told in detail about the law passed from the Parliament. There will also be a team of top officials of the Ministry of Agriculture who will attend the meeting, which will address the concerns of the farmers. While Railway Minister Goyal and Agriculture Minister Tomar will give assurance of protection to the interests of farmers.

When the farmer leaders left the meeting and left

Last month, the farmers' organizations of the state were called by the Ministry of Agriculture to hold talks with Agriculture Secretary Sanjay Aggarwal. But in the last round of the meeting, the farmer leaders left the meeting suddenly, making an excuse for the absence of Union Ministers.

Farmers' movement on railway tracks in Punjab

The agitation of the farmers is taking place on the railway tracks, due to which the movement of trains has come to a complete halt. In the festive season, where there is a lot of difficulty in the arrival of people, the power supply was adversely affected due to the stoppage of coal supply. However, there has been no impact on the government procurement of paddy. In comparison to previous years, more number of farmers are reaching the centers to sell their paddy.

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