Saturday 7 November 2020

Farmers will get instant information of mandis at home

mandi update

All information from Mandis to farming can now be found to the farmers sitting in their villages. For this, the government is developing a modern new system. The government has a large database ready for the farmers associated with the agricultural sector and their fields. 

By using the Artificial Intelligence System, every possible information on the needs of the farmers will be conveyed to him in due time. Extensive changes have been made with improvement in the agricultural sector. The database of ten crore farmers has been prepared under the PM-Kisan scheme with the ministry. Records of soil health cards and land documents have also been made. This will take care of the needs and resources of farmers.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said that 'information about the latest prices of agricultural products in various Mandis of the country will be made available to farmers on their mobile phones by eight o'clock in the morning'.

Under agricultural reforms, central law will also apply to those who purchase commodities outside the Mandis, in which it will not be easy to cheat or cheat farmers. Under the law, which came into force from June 5, so far, in many states, immediate action has been taken on such complaints and farmers have benefited from it. Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said that with the legal reforms in the agriculture sector, the path of private investment has been made easier.

The food processing industry is targeted to grow at 25 percent. Countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and the United States have a growth rate of up to 50 percent. There is a dire need to encourage the export of agricultural products, in which legal reforms will prove to be very effective. 

A provision of an e-trading platform has been made to give farmers the option of selling the crop with the use of new technology. Institutional arrangements will be made by the government to know the prices of agricultural produce so that the farmer will be connected to the market at all times.

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