Monday 16 November 2020

Negligence of Agriculture Department and problems faced by farmers due to wrong seed distributed

Negligence of Agriculture Department and problems faced by farmers

Have you heard about the 'Gather thistles and expect pickles' this comes true with farmers and agriculture department. 

The negligence of the Agriculture Department has been heavy on the farmers. Krishi Vikas Baranthi circle gave cauliflower seeds to farmers, but mustard has been replaced instead of cauliflower. This has caused anger among farmers. About 2 months ago, a camp was organized in the village panchayat Ghandir to make farmers aware. During this time, the seeds of cauliflower were distributed free of cost to the farmers. Farmers were also given information on how to plant cauliflower.

Cauliflower seeds were distributed to about 40 farmers in the camp. When the farmers planted it, the mustard plant came out. The farmers were stunned after seeing this. Farmer Devi Dutt Sharma said that when the seeds of cauliflower given by the department came out of mustard, he informed the department about it.

Department employees said that it is a special type of cauliflower seeds. Farmers should not worry about this and plant the germinate in the fields. After planting the Paniri in the fields at the behest of the department, the farmers saw that it is a mustard plant, not cauliflower.

Farmers Kehar Singh and Kuldeep Singh said that they again informed the department. Department officials inspected the opportunity. Meanwhile, it was found that the seed given to the farmers was not of cauliflower. The seeds of turnip were distributed to farmers by mistake. While the farmers say that the department is still cheating on them. There is also no flourishing turnip. It is a mustard plant.

Seed kits came for farmer camps. Information about its wrong has been given to higher officials. Farmers will be given appropriate agricultural assistance soon. -Dr. Brijesh, Agricultural Development Officer, Barthin Circle.

If this negligence is done by the agriculture department then how could we think that we will plan to promote the farmers' income? This is not a simple mistake because the sowing time of a crop is passed and what about the cost of farmers. Please share your views on this. 

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