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Subsidy is given on solar panel under the scheme

solar subsidy

With a view to promoting renewable energy in the country, the government is running several schemes to encourage solar energy generation, under which solar panels are given to the people on subsidies. The plans include individual components, including grid-connected solar rooftop plans.

This scheme is being implemented all over the country. By taking advantage of the scheme, common people can fulfill the power requirements of homes by installing solar panels on their homes. In Madhya Pradesh, the government has fixed the rate and subsidy for setting up solar plants on roofs of the house for this year. Interested people can apply to take advantage of the scheme.

The subsidy is given on solar panel under the scheme

In Madhya Pradesh state, the Central Region Power Distribution Company has allocated work to contractors (agencies) by fixing the rates through tender for the installation of solar rooftop on domestic assemblies. The fixed rates are much lower than in previous years which is three kV. Rate up to 37000 / - per kW And 3 to 10 kW. Rate up to 39,800 / - per KW is. It consists of 3 kW 40 percent and up to 3 kW 20 percent subsidy is included on the remaining load over Rs. The group housing society will be 500 kW at a common facility connection. Up to 20 percent (10 kW per house) subsidy will be given.

At what prices will solar panels (plants) be installed

The Central Region Power Distribution Company has fixed the rate of solar plant per kWh, the said amount includes subsidy. The amount to be paid to the agency after reducing the subsidy is Rs 66,600 for 3 kW and Rs 1,35,320 at 5 kW. The company has clarified that it should not pay more than the said amount for the work of technical details given by the company.

1 kW Above - 3 kW up to Rs. 37,000 / - per kW

3 kW Above 10 kW up to Rs. 39,800 / - per kW

10 kW Above-100 kW up to Rs. 36,500 / - per kW

100 kW Above-500 kW up to Rs. 34,900 / - per kWh

Benefits of Solar Roofing

The cost of electricity can be saved by installing solar panels on the roof / open space adjacent to your house/group housing society.

The solar panel will get electricity for 25 years and the payment for its installation will be equal in 4-5 years. After this, the benefits of electricity from solar will continue to be continuous for the next 20 years.

This will reduce the carbon footprint and benefit the environment.

1 kW About 10 square meters will be needed for solar power.

3 kW 40 percent subsidy on solar plants up to 3 kV and After 10 kW Government of India will get 20 percent subsidy.

Where to apply for installing solar panels at home

Interested persons who want to get solar plants installed at their home or in their housing society, can apply online on the website of the Central Zone Power Distribution Company For information about the agency authorized by the company, technical details, subsidy and the amount to be paid, you can also contact the nearest office of the power distribution company. Apart from this, interested persons can contact toll-free number 1912 of Madhya Pradesh or toll-free number 1800-180-3333 of the central government.

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  9. If your solar system generates more power than you need, you may use a net meter to export it to the utility grid. A net meter is a simple gadget that lets you inject power into the public grid. It counts the number of units of power you've sent to the grid. The government will modify your power bill and give you a specific amount based on your export at the end of the month. If your solar system produces less solar energy than your usage, you can use grid electricity without difficulty. Because your house appliances will already be linked to the grid.


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