Sunday 24 October 2021

Registration started for Kharif crop in Rajasthan

rajasthan MSP

At present, the harvesting work of Kharif crop is going on in the country. Along with this, Kharif crops are being procured from the farmers by the government at the Minimum Support Price (MSP). These procurements are being started in different states at different times. Its procurement has also started in many states. In this sequence, the procurement of Kharif crop in Rajasthan is going to start from November 1. For this the preparations of the state government are being finalized. Special care is being taken to ensure that farmers do not suffer in this. For the convenience of the farmers, the government has made adequate procurement centers and proper arrangements are being made for procurement of crops in the Mandis. Apart from this, care is being taken that there should be adequate arrangements for shade and water in the Mandis.

Registration is being done for moong(Mungbean), urad(blackgram), soybean and groundnut

As the Minimum Support Price (MSP) procurement of Moong, Urad, Soyabean and Groundnut is going to start from November 1 in Rajasthan. The registration for this has been started. Farmers can register to sell Kharif crop at minimum support price. Let us inform that the registration for the sale of these crops has started from 20 October 2021. Registration will be done for moong, soybean, urad and groundnut crops. For the registration of farmers, arrangements have been made by the state government at e-mitra and procurement centers. Farmers can register from 9 am to 7 pm.

When will the crop be purchased?

According to the information received from the media, the Cooperation Minister of Rajasthan said that after registration, the purchase will be started on the minimum support price. The purchase of moong, urad and soybean will start from November 1 and the purchase of groundnut will start from November 18. All kinds of preparations have been started to start the procurement. The purchase will be done from those farmers who have just registered.

Registration will be mandatory for selling crops

The Rajasthan government is going to purchase pulses and oilseeds crops from the farmers of the state. The state government has made it mandatory for farmers to make purchases at the minimum support price. Therefore, the farmers who want to sell their produce on support price must get registered. Without registration, no crop will be procured from the farmers at the minimum support price.

Purchase centers have been set up for the purchase of Kharif crops

The state government has set up 357 procurement centers for moong, 168 for urad, 257 for groundnut and 86 for soybean to ensure smooth procurement of Kharif crops in the state.

This arrangement will remain at the crop procurement centers

Weighing hooks will be installed at the procurement centers so that farmers do not face any problem in selling their produce and gunny bags will be made available in sufficient quantity. 

Which crop is targeted to be bought at Minimum Support Price (MSP)

In the year 2021, the produce of moong, urad, soybean is to be purchased by the Rajasthan government from the farmers at the minimum support price. For this, the government has issued a target. Under this, the Govt of India has approved the target of procurement for moong is 3.61 lakh metric tonnes, 61807 metric tonnes of urad, 2.93 lakh soyabean and 4.27 lakh metric tonnes of groundnut.

How to get farmers registered to sell crops

  • It will be necessary for all those farmers who want to sell produce  to register with E-Mitra.
  • For register on E-Mitra, various types of documents required like Janadhar card number, Khasra number, copy of Girdawari and copy of bank passbook will have to be uploaded along with the registration form.
  • Without farmer registration, the support price of Girdawari will not be valid for purchase.
  • Only one registration can be done from one Janadhar card.
  • Along with this, it will be necessary to register in the same tehsil where there is agricultural land.
  • Required documents and guidelines for registration
  • The Cooperation Minister said that the farmers will have to upload the copy of Janaadhar card number, Khasra Girdavari and copy of bank passbook along with the registered form.
  • Out of the name mentioned in the Janadhar card of the farmer, one will be able to get a registration done in his name.
  • Farmers should take special care that the tehsil where there is agricultural land should be registered for the sale of produce at the procurement center having the working area of  same tehsil. Those farmers who get themselves registered without girdawari, their registration will not be valid for purchase on support price.

Before registration, link the mobile number with the Aadhar card.

It should be ensured while registration that the registered mobile number is linked with Janadhar card so that the information of weighing date can be received on time. The farmer should give the correct prevailing bank account number so that there is no problem at the time of online payment.

For any problem in selling the produce, farmers can contact on toll free number 1800-180-60001.

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