Monday 4 October 2021

Can agriculture solve the problem of food in the times to come?

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The agriculture sector has to be ready to meet the growing humanity and its growing needs even more rapidly. Agriculture has changed the way we live our lives. The agriculture sector may need to be further developed for the production of food for the next generation.

99 percent of our agricultural production comes from only 24 crops. The top 10 crops in the world in terms of production volume are corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, beets, soybeans, cassava, barley, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

According to a report, to meet the needs of Asia, in the next quarter of the century, both food and land will be needed in large quantities.

In the next 25 years, farmers in Asia will have to increase grain production by 50 to 75 percent to meet the needs of the growing population. Agricultural land and population are not evenly distributed, especially in China, which has 20-25 percent of the world's population. But only 7 percent of the world's productive land is in China.

There may be a shortage of food after 40 years

If we want that for the coming 40 years we do not have any shortage of food grains, then we have to produce more than what we have produced since the beginning of humanity. Without pesticides, 70 percent of the world's food crops would be destroyed. At present, 42 per cent of our crops are destroyed due to insect and pathogenic pests even after the use of pesticides.

Fertilizer will also play an important role

Fertilizers can increase the yield of food crops by 1.5 to 2 times. Without fertilizers, farmers would need 400–600 million hectares (988–1,482 million acres) of more cropland to cover their losses. In addition, without fertilizer technology, 200 crore hectares of additional land would be required to be cultivated just for the production as it is now.

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