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Spinach Farming Production, Varieties and much more

spinach farming, spinach cultivation

Spinach has its own special importance among green vegetables. It is one such vegetable rich in iron that can be eaten in many ways. It can be made a vegetable by mixing it with potatoes. It can also be used as raw salad. Spinach curry is also made. Its dumplings are also made and eaten. Raita is also made using spinach.

There are mainly two types of spinach cultivated in India. Desi and Vilayati. Farmers can choose indigenous and mixed varieties according to their region. The high yielding varieties of spinach in India are All Green, Pusa Harit, Pusa Jyoti, Banerjee Giant, Jobner Green.

Where to buy spinach seeds

Farmers should buy its authentic seeds from government fertilizer, seed shop only. Well nowadays many companies also sell spinach seeds online. While purchasing the seed, the farmer must take a firm receipt for it. Always order the seeds from a trusted shopkeeper.

Cool climate is good for spinach cultivation. Spinach leaves grow more in winter. Whereas its growth stops when the temperature is high. Therefore, it is better to cultivate spinach in winters. But it can be grown year round even in moderate climates.

Right time for sowing spinach / When to sow spinach?

Well, the best month for its cultivation is December. Spinach can be sown throughout the year in proper environment. To get good production from spinach crop, sowing can be done in January-February, June-July and September-October, which gives good yield of spinach.

Land selection

Selection of land For successful cultivation of spinach, smooth loam land with proper drainage is more suitable. pH of the land The value should be between 6 and 7.

Farm preparation

For land preparation, after plowing the land, when it becomes cultivable, then one plowing should be done with soil turning plow, after that 2 or 3 times by running harrow or cultivator, the soil should be made fine-grained. Simultaneously level the land.

Seed rate or quantity

The cultivation of spinach requires sufficient amount of seeds in the field. To get good production, right and advanced seed should be selected, which should be obtained from reliable shop. By the way, 25 to 30 kg in one hectare. Seed is sufficient.

How Do I Grow Spinach

Most of the farmers do the sowing method of spinach. But to get more yield from spinach cultivation, it should be sown in rows. For sowing in the row of spinach, the distance between the rows and the plants should be kept 20 to 25 cm and 20 cm respectively. Spinach seeds should be sown at a depth of 2 to 3 cm, not deeper than this.

The amount of manure and fertilizer in spinach cultivation

Before using manure and fertilizer, the soil must be tested so that balanced amount of manure and fertilizer can be given. If the test is not possible, then for spinach cultivation, per hectare compost-150 quintal, urea-1.50-2.00 quintal, single super phosphate -2.00-2.50 quintal and murrate of potash -1.00 quintal should be used. In this, compost (rotten cow dung) single super phosphate and muriate of potash should be given in full quantity and urea several quarter quantity after twenty days of sowing, second quantity after first harvesting and third quantity after second harvesting. Since spinach has many needs of nitrogen, so make sure to treat nitrogen after harvesting.

When to irrigate spinach

In order to get more production from the spinach crop, special care should be taken of irrigation in the field. Because spinach is a leafy vegetable, it needs a lot of water for its growth. For good germination in spinach seeds, it is good to do light irrigation immediately after sowing. Sufficient moisture is required in the soil for proper growth of spinach crop. For this, irrigation should be continued after 15 days of sowing at an interval of one week.

Spinach Yield: When to Harvest Spinach

When 15 to 30 cm of spinach leaves. When it becomes long, it should be harvested. Spinach leaves should be harvested only when it is tender and juicy. In this way, about 5-6 harvests can be done from a single crop of spinach.

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