Friday 15 October 2021

E-Krishi Yantra Anudan Yojana

e krishi yojna
At present, the work of harvesting Kharif crops is going on, in such a situation, various agricultural machines are being given by the state governments to the farmers on subsidy so that the farmers can get the agricultural machinery on time and they can take advantage of it. Last month, the Madhya Pradesh government had sought applications for subsidizing various types of agricultural machinery for farmers, but so far these targets have not been met. In view of this, again applications have been invited from the farmers by issuing new targets. Apart from this, the application of the farmers has been canceled due to some reason, they can also apply to get the benefit of the farmer scheme.

This scheme is applicable for all the districts of Madhya Pradesh, but the targets have not been issued for the farmers in the districts where assembly by-elections are going to be held. Farmers of all remaining districts can apply. This scheme has been issued for all classes.

Under this scheme, subsidy amount ranging from 30% to 50% will be provided by the government to the farmers of MP. Under this scheme, a subsidy of Rs 40,000 to 60000 will be given to the farmers.

Bank draft required for application

Applications are being invite
d from farmers again for the additional targets of agricultural machinery shredders/mulchers. Farmers will be able to submit their applications on the portal from 12-10-2021 from 12 noon to 22-10-2021. Out of the applications received, the lottery against the targets will be executed on 25 October 2021. Applicants will have to upload a bank draft of Rs.5000/- as security deposit to apply for agricultural machinery shredder/mulcher.

Photocopy and number of Kisan Bank Draft will have to be uploaded while applying. The bank draft should be in the name of the person in whose name the application is being made. If the bank draft is made in someone else's name then the application will be rejected.

Earlier, the applications of some farmers were rejected due to wrong way bank drafts were made, so now it should be ensured to follow the following instructions for bank drafts-

It is mandatory to have the name of the applicant on the bank draft and the name of the farmer of the application in the portal.

The applicant will have to make a bank draft in his own name and upload it with the application, if the application and the person making the bank draft are found to be different, then the application will be canceled.


The targets are not being given due to the implementation of the model code of conduct in the districts where by-elections are held.

Those farmers whose applications were canceled earlier due to wrong bank draft, they will also be able to apply again.

Grant Application Process

Farmers of Madhya Pradesh can apply online on e-Krishi Yantra Anudan Portal for all types of agricultural machines but at the time of application they will receive OTP One Time Password on their registered mobile number. So farmers should keep their mobile with them. Farmers apply by visiting

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