Wednesday 6 October 2021

Subsidy on seed?


Rabi Productivity Gosthi-2021 is being organized in Uttar Pradesh for better production of Rabi crops. State level Agricultural Productivity Seminar 2021-22 was organized under the chairmanship of the Agriculture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Surya Pratap Shahi. Addressing the farmers and state officials in the program, he said that the target has been set to achieve good productivity in Rabi, for this arrangement of improved varieties of seeds has been made. State Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi has given information in the plan of State Level Agricultural Productivity Seminar 2021-22.

The Agriculture Minister has told that a target has been set to distribute 50 thousand quintal seeds to the farmers of the state for the Rabi season 2021-22. A target has been set to distribute 10 thousand quintal seeds on subsidy through the State Agricultural Seed Stores of the Agriculture Department and a strategy has been made to make the rest available to the farmers through private institutions. Good rains are expected to increase the rabi sowing in the state.

Appealing to increase the cover of pulses and oilseeds, the Agriculture Minister said that this year a target has been set to cover 18 lakh hectares of pulses and 12 to 13 lakh hectares of oilseeds in Rabi. He said that fertilizers and seeds would be distributed to the farmers according to the fertilizer holding book. The Principal Secretary of the cooperative said that in this, about 30 percent of the total target is distributed through the fertilizer cooperative. Fertilizers will be distributed through about 1200 centres. There is adequate availability of fertilizers in the state.

Supply of seeds of pulse crops started

Regarding the arrangement of seeds, the official of Seed Development Corporation said that timely availability of seeds would be ensured. The supply of seeds of pulse crops has started. Seeds will be made available by the Seed Development Corporation through the nearest depot of the districts, and the seeds purchased from the National Seed Corporation will be made available to the districts through Four.

2 thousand rupees subsidy will be available for buying wheat and paddy seeds in UP

To give relief to the farmers, the Yogi  Govt of UP is giving some grants on the purchase of paddy and wheat seeds. This will help the farmers of the state to buy seeds. The subsidy given by the government on the purchase of seeds will depend on the cost of the seed. The state government is providing subsidy up to Rs 2,000 per quintal to farmers to buy paddy and wheat seeds. This will benefit the farmers. The seeds will be available to the farmers at low cost. The Yogi government of UP is giving help up to a maximum of two thousand rupees per quintal under the seed grant scheme for the purpose of helping the farmers. Let us tell you that in August this year, the UP cabinet had approved the proposal to give grant on wheat and paddy seeds at par with other central schemes.

This is how you will get the benefit of subsidy on paddy and wheat seeds

The National Food Security Mission, a plan to extend the Green Revolution to Eastern India, has so far provided 50 per cent of the price of paddy and a maximum of Rs 1,750 per quintal and wheat at Rs 1,600 per quintal, under the Integrated Food Development Programme. Farmer. Now the state scheme will also give money on its behalf. Farmers will be given 50 percent subsidy of the distribution price of paddy and wheat seeds and a maximum of two thousand rupees per quintal.

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