Tuesday 5 October 2021

Farmers plant less irrigated crops due to less water for irrigation


This year many areas have received more or less rain in the monsoon season. This time in the state of Rajasthan, the problem of farmers has increased due to less water in many reservoirs and dams. The farmers are given water from the reservoir to irrigate the Rabi crops only when sufficient drinking water is available.

In view of the problem of water in the state, the government has appealed to the farmers to plant crops with less water. Rajasthan Agriculture Minister Shri Lalchand Kataria informed that according to the Water Resources Department, this year there is less availability of water in Pong, Ranjit Sagar and Bhakra Nangal Dam as compared to last years. In view of this, after reserving water for drinking water, there will be limited availability of water for irrigation. 

In the meeting of the Water Advisory Committee of Indira Gandhi Canal Project on 21st September, according to the irrigation regulation program decided from 23rd September 2021 to 3rd January 2021, water will be available for irrigation only in 3 Bariz.

The availability of water will be fully assessed. D Kalla said that the state government is fully sensitive about the interests of the farmers of the first phase of Indira Gandhi Canal Project. He said that the quantity available for giving water to the farmers would be fully assessed and distributed. 

Cultivate gram and mustard instead of wheat and barley; Agriculture Minister has directed the Joint Director of Bikaner and Sri Ganganagar Agriculture Division to coordinate with the concerned departments to take maximum crop production from the limited availability of canal water for irrigation to the farmers of the area. And instead of more water-requiring crops like barley, giving priority to less water-requiring crops like mustard and gram, instructions have been given to prepare a feasible agricultural action plan. Indebted farmers must give the information of sowing a separate crop to the concerned bank. 

The Agriculture Minister has asked the farmers to give the information in writing to the concerned bank by December 15 for sowing a crop different from the crop for which loan has been taken from the bank. With this the insurance will be for the same crop which is actually sown, so that there will be no problem in getting the insurance claim. He said that if there is a difference between the insured crop and the actual crop sown, the insurance claim will not be available.

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